Friday, February 6, 2009

The Screwtape Latters

The Screwtape Letters synopsis

I am now adding C.S. Lewis to my top list of favorite authors. I absolutely loved this book. It is a great inside look, even though it is fiction, into that other realm that we seldom want to think about. You can see how it is Satan's duty and mission to destroy every body's belief in who God and the truth of his existence. It actually clarified to me why 1/3 of the angels decided to fall along with Satan. I always thought to myself. "Why would they choose to leave wonderful paradise, living with our almighty creator, to go with the father of lies?" It is because Satan is so good at deception. He actually convinced them that God was not who he said he was and did not love them. This is not surprising because we fall into this ourselves. Satan has mixed so many lies with a little bit of truth. Whether it is evolution, or all ways lead to heaven because we all worship the same God, or that God does not even exist he is doing is best to destroy as many people's eternity as he can. He knows his end and that is where I rejoice!!! He will be thrown down there forever....and I will sit in the heavens worshipping and rejoicing my king!!! I also never thought of Satan and his little minions as calling God the enemy which is what we call Satan. It really made me think. We are in a battle, we do not battle against flesh and blood but against a spiritual realm. We need to be prepared and be ready. You never know...We could be having a personal vendetta, schemes planned, divisive ways to try to get us off our focus of our relationship with Jesus, just like Screwtape was leading his little cohort Wormwood in this story....Be Armed!!!
Now on to the The BIg Fat Reading will be quite a little bit before I post more reviews since most of the books I am reading are 500 pages or more....I may read some other books along with the big huge fat I don't have to collect dust and clean spider webs off the blog.