Thursday, June 28, 2012

beautiful Chaos

I am in the midst of some beautiful chaos.  This week we have added two extra children.  My niece who is two and my nephew who is nine months.  It has been great.  We are enjoying them.  They are wonderful children.  We are getting to know them well and it is a blessing.  We have them because My sis n law and bro n law went to Guatemala for a mission trip to serve.  Of course this makes Satan , so not happy.  SO what happens the day they arrive; Charlotte gets a fever and the next day ends up in urgent care with strep throat and ear infection.    Tuesday she is back to the doctor a yeast infection due to the antibiotics.  Yesterday, Abby went to the Dr. for an ear infection and a 55 gallon fish tank leaked all over my floor.  Let me rephrase that, cascaded water like a beautiful waterfall and made a river in my front room.  It was lovely. We got canoes and went for a ride.  Well, obviously not.  I thought words I don't like to think.  I threw things out my front door with force.  I was at my limit. Death wishes were thought towards the turtle.  Words were said that could have been expressed better to the dear husband if I was not at this point.  Thankfully he forgives. 

So I carry on.  I press forward and enjoy this new day.  whatever it brings.  Because, I  fight the fight.  I don't give up, even when it seems impossible.  I press forward even when I want to go in the car and drive away.  It is what i am called to do.  I am called to serve others.  I am called to show Jesus even when chaos surrounds me.  

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Tara O said...

Thanks for being real. LOL!!

Hugs! I am sorry that all this is going on for you but PRAISE GOD for sisters and brothers who do missions!