Monday, January 23, 2012

some things I hate

I am allowed to say I hate this.  I am pretty sure God hates it to.  It is one of those things we have to deal with living in this world.  I hate cancer.  I hate what it does.  I hate how rampant it has become.  I never had to deal with this like my kids have when I grew up.  I heard about cancer.  My grandfather whom I never met died from stomach cancer.  Then people I knew sporadically got it.  I can count on one hand of the people I had known that died from it by the time I was 20.  I can name them.  My mom's friend Renee Simpkins died from leukemia when I was a teenager.  My grandmother died from Pancreatic cancer.  That was it.  Now I am having to tell my kids every year of somebody they know who gets it or dies from it.  I get the feeling when I tell them somebody dies they are going to assume it is cancer.  That infuriates me.  A lot can be prevented.  I believe our eating habits have contributed to a lot of the cancers.  If I see you post on Facebook you are tanning without sunblock I will get angry.  Melanoma is not something anybody should get.  I already have too many family members who have had precancerous or cancerous moles removed because of sun exposure.  They protected themselves, for the most part.  FYI-getting a nice glow is possible with 50 SPF.   FYI-that nice glow is actually your skin saying you have damaged me.  those lovely moles and freckles are also indicators of what has been done.  I am sure the person our family lost today would have fixed it has he known he could.  too many of us blow off our moles thinking they are no big deal.  Let a doctor tell you they are no big deal-please.  This evening we lost somebody special due to melanoma.

Kurt Mostert-  practically family.  spent every Christmas and  holidays and just hanging out with the Kennedy's for years.  HE is known as Uncle Kurt.  He would do anything for you.  HE would fix things and make things because it brought him joy to do so.  I can't tell you the number of times he fixed our lawn mower.  He also loved to joke and  tease.   It made me crazy but will miss it.  I will miss seeing my sister n law Natalie's windshield wipers sticking straight up because it is what they did to each other's cars.  I will miss the bantering about how Ford's are better than Chevrolet's and how the Gator's are the best college team on the planet.  I will miss how he loved pecan pie and had no understanding how anybody could like pumpkin.  I will miss seeing him torture Samson, the dog by getting him all riled up to play with him.  I will miss seeing his big Ford truck driving down the road.  He could be depended on for anything needed.  He loved helping people and he ultimately loved Jesus.  So thankful we have the hope that he will only be missed for a little while.  Because he no longer has pain.  He no longer has to deal with cancer.  No longer has to deal with medicines that make him sick.  We are sad because we miss him.  We have joy knowing that he is up there with Jesus and his mom just worshiping.  There is hope that all that put faith in Jesus will get that.  That is the thing we cling to and look forward to.   That is what makes dealing with this loss bearable.
Uncle Kurt holding Charlotte Dec 2010

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summerof69 said...

Loved ones in my mind are much like lighting bugs , not always around but in a heartbeat our mind can have us dancing on wet summer grass,laughter in air and the chase of a lifetime to capture a memory flash forever to be ours and our alone . Always with the power to light our heart even in the darkest of hours. I am sorry for your loss.