Friday, July 10, 2009

3 reviews

so, i have been a major slacker in the blogging world and would really like to prioritize and be committed to doing so daily. I have read three books that I need to blog on, along with what has been going on in my life. I will for now just blog on the books I have read.

the first: Even Now by Karen Kingsbury This was purely just for fun. Karen Kingsbury is great for good christian romance when you are in the mood for romance, but don't want the Harlequin crappiness. This book was plain just feel good fun. It also had good lessons on forgiveness and how we should let God be in control and not try to get in the way of His plans. She never lets me down with any of her writings. I am a romantic deep down. This book was not sappy, fake nonsense. You could actually see something like this happening in real life. Her characters are aways relateable and you fell like you are living their life right their with them. I guess that is why I like her books so much.

the second: The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis This was an easy fast read. However, it is not for light hearted reading. It will make you think. It will make you think about your loved ones around you who are so consumed with their life here or those that think that they are better than the person next to them. When it comes to us as people one is not better than another in God's eyes. He loves us all equally the same and he hates sin equally the same. One sin is not worse than another. Sin is sin no matter how you or look at it. God does not work at this earthly level but a whole other plane. His though ts are not our thoughts and His was are higher than our ways. He, praise God, is all about grace. Realizing who we are without Jesus is what makes us acceptable. This may not sit well with some of you reading this, however, I did not say it God did. I really like books that get my mind thinking and anything by C.S. Lewis will do that.

the third: Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells This was also just purely "I just felt like reading it" I love anything about the deep South. However, it makes me grateful for the family I have and was raised in. I really love southern traditions, the pride the people have, the laid back life style, the food ( oh do I love the food) the accents, and the weather. However, this book just hows that life anywhere is not perfect and that problems exist everywhere.

more to blog later...maybe even tonight.