Friday, June 3, 2011

My summer to do's

I am setting some goals for myself for this summer.  I am going to be reading again. I stopped and am sad I did.  I love reading.  I have just let myself get more into other things like new fun presents such as my Itouch, running, and school. (I guess I should add a baby in there as well)  so here is my list:

run four days a week consistently
run a 5k in twenty-seven min (how I started that adventure will be a blog soon)
read at least two books a month from The list (unless I read Sophie's Choice...that might take longer
complete two of my college classes (which is also another blog soon)
lose twenty-four pounds (about  eight pounds a month-my summer lasts until the end of August)
visit the different beaches here in Coastal Georgia at least twice a month
stick to natural eating as much as possible.  (not raw just not processed,enriched, or sugar added)  this will be a hard one.  the hubby comes home and he loves Oreo's.  I can not find natural Oreo's, that wont taste gross anywhere.  We also go on vacation to visit family.  I am just not going to be a stickler while visiting.