Wednesday, December 21, 2011

when one gets too busy

I have been for months now juggling too many things.  the things and people that are most important moved down on priorities.  It is caused me too be ineffective as a mom and wife the way I know I am supposed to be.  I commend mom's who work outside the home and still are able to keep the household going without mental breakdowns.  I have discovered I can't.  This is about me and not anybody else.  I personally can not work from home or outside the home and not get overwhelmed.  I have had to take a step back from the crocheting business.  Trying to take care of a baby, moderate preteen drama, home school, school for me, crochet hundreds of hats, take care and maintain the house became way too overwhelming.  I stopped doing my schoolwork and stopped running.  My house became a cluttered mess.  I rarely left.  I went to bed too late and had to get up early. It finally caught up with and had a mental breakdown in my kitchen.  My husband is wonderful.  He helps me all the time.  For me though I am type A so if I cant do all that I want to perfectly than I cant handle it.  So it was a good lesson to step back and realize what the priorities are and step back.  I have learned I can't work from home.  It becomes all I think about and becomes the number one priority.  It is just how I am .  I t was like that when I did another home based business for seven years.  If I did not home school it probably would be different but I know that is what I am supposed to do.  I also am not saying I don't work from home.  I do everyday in maintaining my household and teaching my children Mon -Fri.  I want to do more projects with them.  I want to get up early and go to bed early so we can start our day with good energy and on time.  I want school to not become tedious and boring.  Next year we may be doing different curriculum altogether to help me with this.  It was a lesson I have learned from.  I now know I can only do so much and can't do it all, even though I want to.  I am not quitting crocheting but it is going to slow way down.  When I am done with school I may pick it back up but I have to make sure that I prioritize correctly.  I am just glad the lesson was learned quickly instead of my stubbornness making it drag out forever.

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Marisa Gary said...

As someone struggle as you are, I love that you are able to recognize this and make corrections. Having to work outside the home, I am not as fortunate. I am learning how dangerous being too busy really is. Thanks for this reminder! :)