Sunday, May 31, 2009

Angels and Demons

I know, I know it has been SO long since I have posted but it has been that long to finish the book. Not the norm for me....but then again my life is far from normal these days....that's a post for another time. With that being said...I am committed to posting more regularly even if it is not about a book.

This book was good yet very, very, very controversial. I wanted to read it just to see what the controversy was all about it. First, let me just say. I REALIZE THIS BOOK IS FICTION. There is, what I believe, a lot in here that makes the Catholic Church look bad. I was raised Catholic and today, there are a few things doctrinally that I don't agree with. That is why I go to a different church. However, I don't like to see any church being portrayed in a negative way that would make people question whether they should follow Jesus or not. I still was very saddened over how the Vatican is portrayed in this. Before you even get started reading there is a whole page dedicated to the factual references in the book of what is actually real. Being the realist that I am, I took it with a grain of salt and said to myself "yeah yeah...I will look into that on my own later" However, not everybody has common sense like myself and will believe everything they read, even if it is fiction, just because there is a disclaimer on some facts about what is in the book. I am not sure if the author, Dan Brown, has something against the Catholic church and Christianity in general, but it just seems that way from the this book and his other one "The Davinci Code"which I did not read, but saw the movie. While very suspenseful just pissed me off. These days I don't feel like being that angry so I refuse to read the book. There are also some parts about the creation of something completely new....that would reference that God is just some feeble being that sits in the background...Which if you read the Bible (author GOD) then you will soon find that is not true in any shape or form. There are parts where the author makes it sound good and possible and then refers back to it being God is in control and that Science and Christianity can co exist together and skip through the flowers, hug trees, and play the tambourine (OK that is my sarcasm and humor coming through) DUH, God created science..therefore of course they can coexist together and not be separate.

Anyway, if you can get past all of that. There is a lot of suspense and makes your mind wonder who is the master mind behind all the crimes. To me, it was somewhat predictable in parts and others I did not see coming. (which I really like because when it comes to suspense I don't like my expectations of how it is going to end, end up being the way that it does end.)

I do not recommend this book if you have a bad taste for Christianity or the Catholic Church. Or, if you are new to the faith because Satan could play with your head and make you question if what God says is actually true. It really also depends on your personality. I will admit there were fleeting moments of "hmm, well maybe.." I quickly just reminded myself of His Word, and His Truth...which is the only truth that matters. Others, may not be so quick to do so and that makes me sad that Dan Brown's books might actually keep people from seeing Jesus as who He really is.