Monday, October 10, 2011


This week is a week of changes.  Changes in how I do things and run my household.   We for the longest time and have just been laid back and get done what gets done when it gets done.  Well, I will still have this approach but it will start earlier.  There is reading I miss doing.  There are the free afternoons I miss.  There are many blankets and things to crochet. There is my own school work I need to concentrate on.  There are a few things I have started implementing but this week starts full force. I am tired of waking up after eight and then trying to get everything done with the distractions of the minions.  I am tired of starting school at 10 and then being mad we don't get done until 2 or 3.  So here is my list:

wake up at 6:30 daily-This allows for bible devotions and reading the Respect Dare

Start school at 9:00-this way we can be done realistically by 1:00 (12:00 for seat work)

daily study my own schoolwork.   Medical Terminology is my nemesis.  I actually have to study.  (This really goes against my princess entitlement mentality)

do things with the children daily-play games, go to the park, go to the library, etc etc etc.  It is that time of year where outside is heavenly and I can sit there without dying from the heat. I am tired of the TV, computer and video games and want to become Amish.

Run every other day, Zumba on the other days every other day-so run one day, Zumba next day.-If you are reading this and have no idea what Zumba is :click here

follow a chore list-this is for me not my children.  I like to have a major chore once a day Mon-Fri so I am not doing it all in one day.

prepare the children's schoolwork the day before and have it ready for them when they wake up as I sing and the come down the stairs joining me in song because they are so happy to be getting up at 8:00 and are eager to start school.   (Please remember I use lots of sarcasm is that is not obvious)

set my coffee maker for the night before so I can have my coffee waiting for me so I can live in princess entitlement mentality for a few minutes.

Read books and crochet daily

Teach myself to knit-I do better teaching myself.  It is a curse I have to not let others see me do something I do not already know how to do.  I have had it forever.  My mom says I did not walk until 18 months and when i did it was like I have been doing it forever.  I guarantee I was practicing when nobody was looking and then when I had it perfected I let all see me do it.  Type A personality people, is all I can say.

Make lists-I love lists.  It helps me remember and it makes me feel accomplished.

Menu plan-I love to plan menus for dinner.  It makes grocery shopping easier and  amazingly I spend less.  I also enjoy not having to scramble at 5 wondering what I am making for dinner.  I plan to do theme nights weekly.  Sunday is wing day in our house, Monday is Mexican Monday, Tuesday will be meatless mania, and Wednesday will be Crock pot Craziness.

Not be so set in my ways of how we do school.  It is why I home school.  It is so I don't have to follow any rules of "it has to get done this way" so to speak.  Today is Columbus Day.  History lesson will be done through video.

Last but not least.  Blog here more.  It is my release.  It is my stress reliever.  It helps my perspective.

Last but not least will be enjoy and relish in this crazy life I have that I absolutely adore.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My fast

so I am writing about fasting.  I am not doing a typical fast where I don't eat.  I can't for health reasons.  Breastfeeding and fasting is probably not a good idea.  Yes, I am still breastfeeding my ten month old.  I will do it as long as she wants to or two years which ever comes first.  That is a post for another time.  I am fasting from social networking.  No Facebook, No Google plus, no Twitter.  Twitter is not really a big deal.  I rarely use it.  Facebook and Google Plus however are another story.  It is how I keep in touch with everybody.  It is fast, easy, and convenient.  It is perfect for me because I loathe talking on the phone.  Yes, I know my mom is probably spitting her coffee on the screen.  As a teenager you could not get me off the phone.  Now I would rather just talk to the person, in person.  If no,t I would rather converse through typing.  I guess it is due to kids and not having them become wild wildebeests once I get on the phone.  However, most of my friendships are physically impossible to get together with being four hours apart.  There are things I need to concentrate on and purge in my life.  Social Networking prevents me from being able to do that.  It is addicting.  It makes it simple to know what is going with everybody.  This is good.   It makes it simple to know what is going on with everybody when I don't want to know what is going on with everybody.  This is bad.  There are some things I just don't need to know nor should be shared.  There are things that get misunderstood.  There are statuses posted that are cryptic which leads to speculation and rumor starting.  I forget not everybody is like me and if I don't understand what you are posting I will directly ask you and not assume it is something it is not.  ( well I may assume but that is why I ask to make sure what I am assuming is right.)  However, there are things that I also need to be in deep prayer on.  My life is living in the unknown.  It is the life of military living.  Nothing is guaranteed, EVER.   I need to be in prayer on wisdom and discernment on the decision my husband needs to make regarding staying in or getting out.  I am in prayer over the myriad of health issues that plague our family.  My husbands chronic bank pain, My eldest's ADHD tendencies, Abby's Achalasia, Hannah's unexplainable minor stomach pain and my weight and food issues.  (These last few you can read in my newest blog here.  put in your email if you want notifications.)  There are many things I want to do first before I look into medical intervention.   there are also people who have things going on that I am also in deep prayer for and every time I think about getting on the social networking, I go to intercession instead.  Just know that if you are one of them reading this.  I have never fasted before. I have tried food fasts but I am not joking every single time I have I found out a day or two later I was pregnant-NO JOKE.   This is what I am doing the next seven days.