Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have a couple discoveries today.  One, is keeping most of the flies away from me.  It is starting to get hot.  I actually saw the reading and it was 90 degrees.  This is not in my comfort zone.  My baby at 17 months is constantly wanting to be outside or as she says "ow sigh ow sigh".  To be able to sit in hot weather I need a fan to fool me into thinking it is not so hot.  I have discovered the flies do not like a constant blast of wind.  they try to assault  me but as soon as they get in the stream of wind they are blown away.  It is like I have an invisible force field and they bounce right off.  I will now market this idea and sell personal fans but call them fly blasters, become independently wealthy, buy my own tropical island and sail away.

The other discovery was the sandpiper frolicking back and forth and thought that if there were waves coming to shore I would almost be home.  It made me think of the beach and how I took that luxury for granted,  A LOT.  People here think 45 minutes to the beach it is close.  I suppose being from the middle of the country that would be but when one grows up and  can literally get to the beach in a matter of minutes, it just does not makes sense in my head.  Yes, I have first world problems.

Another discovery is that there are people around the world that read my blog.  I saw my stats.  there are people in Russia who peer into my writings and it is humbling to think that what i write is that interesting and at the same time feel privileged to be able to do so. I thank you for reading my posts.  I hope to encourage and to make you laugh.

My baby, Charlotte, who I mentioned is 17 months.  She has discovered babbling in a language all her own.  I can understand what she is saying because she points and looks at what she is talking about but all the same it is amusing to watch.  It is also amusing to watch her "read"  My other children did not do this. I am guessing it is because most of the conversations she hears are normal conversations and she is not surrounded by babies and toddlers but older siblings.   I can always tell when she is holding a book.

I got to run 14 miles this week.  I am hoping to run 14 miles every week for the next three weeks and then move on to a new 5k training schedule.  I want to run races and do them in decent time.

I have also dealt with strep throat from Abby and had the shortest wait in a military ER I think ever.  In and out in an hour and a half. This alone proves I am God's favorite.  We have thrown out all toothbrushes.  We are not doing much or going much of anywhere until Tuesday to make sure it is contained. We are praying it has only contaminated the one person in this house.

This week brings floor scrubbing as the major cleaning project.  this will take me about three to four days being I have to break into sections and do it when baby is napping.  There is also my class to finish and a new one to start.  There are projects to crochet which I will post pictures of.  There are bible studies to be done.  This week will bring good things

Saturday, April 28, 2012

latest stupid lawsuit

Nutella lawsuit.  Who knew it was unhealthy.  I mean the commercial tells me it is healthy for breakfast along with frosted flakes, honey smacks, and carnation instant breakfast.  Koolaid also is healthy because it has vitamin c.  Goldfish crackers are made with whole grain.  I don't know how I have been fooled.  OH wait...I haven't.  I am oozing with sarcasm.  I mean seriously people.  It is called reading a label.  It is called becoming informed and not following the masses and believing whatever you are told by TV or products.  It is called common sense.  But I forget some people do not have it.  I think it is atrocious that this lady got to sue and win a lawsuit over this.  So ridiculous.  It is things like this that make frivolous lawsuits keep happening.  I do think the company should stop saying it is a healthy alternative.  I don't even need to read the label to know a chocolate spread is not a good breakfast option.  I don't like deceptive advertising.  Here is an example:
Goldfish crackers-made with whole grain right.  I can feel good about feeding it to my children until you read the ingredients

ingredients-yes it has whole grain but once there is enriched flour you have totally defeated the whole grain purpose.  it then becomes pointless.

Kool aid is another one.  It is just flavored sugar water.  along with the dyes and BAM you are talking a recipe for bad attitudes and hyperactivity.  I don't care that is has vitamin C.  that still does not make it healthy.  Here is a great idea.  give the kids an orange.  Instant vitamin C and God made it so I am pretty sure it a good healthy option.  My kids don't get koolaid.  They, I promise, are happy healthy well adjusted children.  Yes there are studies on food dyes and attitudes.  I know from personal experience the difference I see when my children have consumed the dyes.  We stay away from it as much as possible and this summer will be making our own popsicles.

This one is by far my most favorite misleading advertisement:

Capri sun roarin waters-  I almost bought these once thinking it is flavored water.  Well it is along with corn syrup as the second ingredient and  splenda aka "cancer in a packet" It is koolaid with no color in a pouch.  I however read the label rolled my eyes, and put it back on the shelf with some force.

I also will say I do let my kids indulge here and there .  sometimes it is easier to grab a caprisun for lunch to go or at a picnic.  I am not a complete food nazi.  I just don't do it daily with them and believe the "hype" of what a company tells me.  If more people read labels and don't buy the stuff and tell the companies "we don't like the things you are telling us and will not buy unless you change it;"  They will continue.

I for one love Nutella.  This is why  I rarely buy it because I love it.  Here is what I use Nutella for
Nutella peanut butter icecream-oh yeah.  it is so yummy.  it is so NOT healthy.  but I do not make it for health.  I make it because ice cream makes everything better.  It is true.

Friday, April 27, 2012

this crazy house

    There is a whole lot of estrogen in this house.  Me, four daughters, a female snake (who I have no feelings for good or bad), and two female cats,  we acquired a new one recently and she tonight has gone into heat.  she will be living in the garage at night until she is done.  It is not messy but oh so annoying because when cats go into heat, they are loud.  this makes it difficult to sleep and makes me want to throw her through the window but that will lead to other problems I don't want.  she is very sweet though and  Mittens the original is starting to warm up to her.  Although, Scarlet, the new one is trying to establish being the dominant one which is truly annoying at night when they start their antics under my bed.  they both have their claws and sometimes causes me some stress to what might happen on top of my bed with me in it.  (If that does happen I will throw them out the window) However, we will be getting her fixed in May provided she is done with her heat by the time the transport is to the discount facility.  thankfully cats are not messy and there is no mess to clean.  so here she is.  she is lucky she is so pretty.


I also have cleaned like a mad woman and cleaned things I did not intend to this week.  I have discovered that when you use the self clean feature on the oven, everything wipes away easily if you do it right away.  I have discovered that under the stove is where the cats hide the toy mice.  I have remembered  when you clean  the windows on both sides it actually brightens up the house.  I also decided the garage could not continue to look the way it did.  so I swept it and the kids put the things away they left out.  Most of what is out there is my husband's and to go through it and decide where it goes scares me.  (Well not really but my type A personality can't handle not knowing where something goes so it decides to leave it alone.)

My car looks almost new on the inside.  Yes it is true, french fries from McDonald's do look like the day you get them even after weeks of sitting.  I can not tell you if they taste the same and will not try to find that out.  and for some reason we can call it food.  oh why, oh why, do they have to taste so good?

I will look forward to the day I am done with these Medical Coding classes.  They are so confusing.  I do not even know why it has to be so difficult or why there has to be a manual that is so thick it could be used as a weapon if needed to knock somebody out to code procedures and whatever else for insurance.  and you can't code this code with that code and blah, blah, blah.  I am not even doing this as a job and it stresses me out to do it wrong.  It is ridiculous.  They also change some of the codes and rules every year.  I know why it pays so well to do it as a job.  One probably needs therapy and needs to be able to pay for it trying to figure it all out.

This picture is just sometimes what i feel like doing.  On my baby, it is cute.  On me, it just makes me look mental.

Charlotte being goofy

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

day three

It has been easy these past few days to not be consumed with the Internet.  Why? Because I am actually doing the things I should be doing and catching up on some deep cleaning that should have been done months ago.    I have my weekly chores I do.  At least I try to do them weekly.  clean the bathrooms, dust, laundry,  etc etc etc.  However, there are things that I have neglected.  My walls and doors are prime examples.  Most are now very clean.  stained but they are clean.  I need more magic erasers.  The bathrooms have been detailed including washing the shower curtains and liners.  I forget that the liners can be washed in the washer and look brand new.  I then look at them and yell at myself  for not doing it sooner.  I cleaned the laundry room.  I cleaned the back porch so it does not look it belongs in a trailer park.    I dusted things that have not been dusted in months.  It is also amazing what you find when you do these things.  It is also amazing at some of the things discovered that you are not quite sure how long it has been sitting there and what is may be.  I have kids.  They drop things.  things that might have been considered food at some point.  Tomorrow I plan to clean under my bed.  There is a shirt that has been under there for a couple years now that I will finally get out.  I am not exaggerating.   It has been in a not so easy to reach spot unless I grab a broom or vacuum it.  There is not much I need to purge or do other then nitty gritty detailed cleaning because we did the yearly purge a few months back.  I am picking a room or two a day to detail.  

Tomorrow: I venture to the toy box and school shelves.  I will also clean the kitchen.  this involves cleaning out the cabinets and cleaning the stove so the smoke alarm stops going off every single time I bake. 

Friday:  not much will be done.  The President comes to visit.  we will hear him speak.  The cleaning that day will be of my mind because I will need to filter what is truth and what is not.  

Saturday:  My car looks like a trash can.  Four children that go to different places and think the phrase get your stuff out means only one item and have selective sight and cant see the trash, books and shoes they always leave behind.  there is proof that McDonald's french fries do not look different after months and months then they did the day they were bought.

Sunday:  I will rest.  I will crochet items.  I will read.

All the while I will be doing my own school work and starting a bible study.  Try not to kill my cats.  try not to curse the place I live every time  I swat a fly.  I am curious as to how many I kill on a daily basis so I am counting tomorrow.  no Internet I have time to do so

Next week starts the bi monthly scrubbing of these horrendous floors.  Floors that have no finish so dirt sticks in to every groove and the only way to truly clean them is a good ole fashion scrubbing.  

After that, who knows.  I may have time to plant flower gardens.  grow grass in my backyard.  I want to have a pretty flower garden this summer.  I want to take the time for these and enjoy them instead of having the Internet suck the life out of me.  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

new things

ack!! I get on blogger and they changed it on me.  I will get used to it but oy not what I wanted to deal with at the moment.  I digress.   So I have started a fast.  not a food fast.  I am doing an unnecessary Internet fast.    Let me say the Internet is a  good thing.  It has been wonderful and made lives easier for information and communication.  For me, however, in some areas, it has become a hindrance and a sinful behavior.  (no I am not looking at "dirty things" to clear up that because most people associate sinful Internet behavior with porn)  I would fast completely from the Internet but there are a few things I need the Internet for.  So I will list what I am allowing myself to use and what I am not.

school:  I need the Internet to turn in my assignments.  this can not be avoided.  The class makes me want to poke forks in my eyes however, it is all online so I can't avoid that.

Pinterest-Yes I need Pinterest.  This is where i "pin" my recipes.  For some reason my husband and children insist upon eating so I must resign to cook for them.  I kid.  Pinterest makes me actually enjoy cooking.  there are also cool ideas for school for my children, things that I find amusing, and things that inspire me.  This is not a problem or addiction for me so I don't feel convicted on not using it

Homeschool:  I need to get on everyday to print off worksheets for various children for different subjects.

email: I will check my email, once a day.  twice if I am waiting for a response to something important ( such as the president coming to town and possibly getting to hear him speak.  that is not an opportunity you get everyday ya know)  but twice is my limit.  I also need it for coupons, communication with those that I don't talk to on the phone, and my crochet business.  People place orders with me through that at Kennedy Createables ( yes that is a plug but whatever helps)

news and weather:  GA weather has a bit of a bipolar disorder.  It can't at the moment decided if it will be hot, warm, mild, or freezing.  I need to make sure I dress appropriately for running and my baby for going outside.  I scan headlines and read what is going on in the world.

Blogs:  I will read blogs I am subscribed to.  They encourage me.  I need to be encouraged.  :)

what is not allowed:

Facebook:  this has become quite the issue with me.  I am constantly on it.,  constantly seeing what is going on with people.  constantly looking at pages to see stupid arguments.  constantly looking to see peoples responses to comments I have made, being a stalker on peoples pages to see what is happening with them when I really should not be so nosy.  So I got very convicted and decided enough was enough and will not be on it for 30 days.  there is one exception.  I will post pictures to website mentioned above for items available for sale.  there is no perusing.  post a picture and done.  There is a disclaimer for people to order to email me directly right on there.

mindless searching:  this means entertainment stories, YouTube, games, etc etc etc.  If there is no purpose I will not do it

So that is the rules  for the next 29 days.  This started yesterday.  Tomorrow I will blog on what I will be doing to fill the space that I used for "mindless Internet".  Also if you are reading this from Facebook and wondering how you are able to read it if I am not on it.  There is a nifty little share button and I don't even need to "get on" to post. It is a neat thing.  same thing with Pinterest  :)