Thursday, August 7, 2008

So, I am sitting here at my desk after going on a show observation. (For those that don't speak "Partylite" it is where I as a consultant go and observe anothere consultant's show to get some extra training and fresh ideas) I decided to blog before I start to get lots of comments on my profile update. I got some tragic news today about a friend of mine whose eight year old daughter died today in a tragic 4 wheeler accident. Being that I have an eight year old, my heart just aches and aches for her and can not even imagine what she is going through. I just begin to think to myself how would I handle this if it were me? She seems so strong to me. It happened this morning and she just held her for hours and finally had the strength to leave and let what needed to be done get done. I believe I would need to be sedated and be pryed from my daughter's body. I do know that my daughter would be in a much better place and be having the best time ever in heaven and it would be just her body. I would just be feeling and thinking with every fibre in my being: "This is the last time I get to hold her. This is the last time I get to smell her. This is the last time I get to cuddle her. This is the last time I get to rock her. This is the last time I get to kiss her sweet , beauiful face. This is the last time I get stroke her hair." However, this is because I am thinking on this earthly, human level. If I actually really truly think about it...."I get to spend eternity being held in Jesus' arms with her, I will get to spend forever taking in the sweet aroma of Jesus with her, I get to spend forever dancing in the streets of heaven with her, I get to spend eternity forever with her sweet, beautiful face. When I think on that level, I have so much hope in knowing that any pain I suffer here, no matter how much I think it will be unbearable, He will get me through it to the other side where there is no pain.