Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I choose to say Merry Christmas

Yes, I choose to say Merry Christmas.  Yes, I believe that Christmas is about the birth of Christ and that should be the focus.  However, (and I know that some reading this will just be appalled by what I am about to say)  I do not expect that those that don't believe the same way that I do to say it.  Some choose to say Merry Christmas back, some choose to say "Happy Holidays"  I don't get upset by it anymore.  I also have not had anybody get offended when I do say "Merry Christmas" when they say "Happy Holidays" first.  Why is it that we as Christians in everything else, have been taught and believe that we can not expect a non believer to walk and act like a believer when they are not, except in this instance.  Christians get so outraged, some to the point as if when somebody says "Happy Holidays" it is like they started sacrificing to Satan by just saying it.  I used to be one that got outraged.  I have come to the point to realize that me getting outraged at those that don't say it, when they don't celebrate the way I do is not going to make them believe it.
    However, I do think that we as Christians should stand for what we believe and not just allow "the world" to take Jesus out of it.  We should be able to buy Merry Christmas decorations, set up nativities, say "Merry Christmas" without fear of offending somebody, buy a " Christmas Tree"  (I mean, seriously, who else calls it a "Holiday tree" but the retailers who sell it that way) 
   Here are some links on the history of why Christmas is celebrated on the 25th and where Christmas trees came from.  Christmas History   and   Christmas tree history.
    I believe that if we stand for what we believe and do so with love to others that don't, we can be more effective then going around with a chip on our shoulder getting angry over what somebody says then looking at their heart with understanding and talking to them logically about why we believe what we believe.  In the end it is not about what gets said but how we can tell and show others what Jesus came for so they can have their eternal destiny changed.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Things I love

Just a list today of my loves:
My hubby being home and making me laugh until my abs hurt
My girls who do their chores and only complain slightly
My girls in general
New baby smell and baby snuggles
seeing what my ankles really look like after not knowing for 8 months
having the hubby home to give me motivation to cook home made yummy meals
getting down to pre-pregnancy weight within 2 pounds five days after birth....don't hate.
December-cold noses to get snuggly under warm blankets, Christmas decorations, Christmas classic movies, and going to my happy place and pretend to be oblivious as to what America has done to our Christmas holiday
coffee with seasonal flavored creamers
seasonal body washes
seasonal candles and tarts and melts for my warmers
Family getting together in Florida where I don't have to worry if I will not be able to drive due to getting "snowed in"
crocheting whatever I feel like on a day to day basis
good books...especially seasonal classics
the smell of a library and old books

Saturday, November 27, 2010

the birth of Charlotte Anne

OK first off...way too long since I blogged, seriously ridiculous and I should be banned from it if I go that long again.  There has been so much that has gone since I last blogged that I will sum it up real quick.  Hubby "loses" job, joins army, we get pregnant, he deploys.  However the reason for this blog is to share the story of Charlotte Anne Kennedy

As most of you know reading this, before getting pregnant we have three beautiful girls.  I was never having anymore and had no intentions of getting pregnant again.  Life was less complicated.  The girls are old enough where they can make their own breakfast, clean up after themselves, sleep in late (8:00), allow me to take naps and not have to worry if I will wake up to my house still standing, no diapers, no carrying around diaper bags, no toddlers, etc etc etc.  Need I go on?  However God decides to put on my heart sometime in Julyish of 2009 that I would indeed have another one.  I told Him to not tell me this and I am not interested and I am not going to listen.  (Now you would think after all I had been through that arguing with God is pointless and if He has a plan of more children it will happen, but I digress)   This was put very heavily on my heart constantly and for a month I kept saying, "You are not talking to me."  Finally, my heart was softened and I started entertaining the idea and thought it might be nice to have a baby and do this all over again.  I told my husband what God had put on my heart and he tells me  " I was thinking the same thing."  So there was my confirmation.  Basically, we did not actively "try".  Meaning I did not check ovulation, check my temperature, blah, blah, blah.  We just did not use anything to prevent it so we knew it was not "if" but "when" that was the mystery.  Well, 6 months later I get a call from my sister n law Barb telling me she was pregnant, which is another story all in itself.  To which I said "Come to think of it, I need to take a pregnancy test, too."  I did, but if I remember correctly it was negative but the one a week later was positive.   So needless to say Barb and I were due 13 days apart, which leads to very excited in laws.  So we were all excited and got the typical questions when you have three girls  "So are you hoping it's a boy?"  To which I either jokingly said "No, I hope it is a cat" or "We don't really care."  We honestly did not.  We are just happy with what we have. However, this pregnancy was not like any other and I could have sworn she was a boy.  She was very very active.  Lots of punching and kicking to which the other three girls just rolled and stretched, I got morning sickness every afternoon for three months, My ankles were swollen from eight weeks on, got heart burn, and braxton hicks contractions.   I was completely convinced it was a boy. Of course, we find out it is a girl.  Naming her was interesting as because we could not agree on a name until Barb's daughter thought we should name her Charli which was a nickname for one of her friend's, Charlotte.  I said I liked it, Doug said "Maybe." and I said that is her name unless I hear otherwise.  Great pregnancy and we just hoped Doug would be able to get back for the birth.  We prayed.  I prayed that she would and at the same time towards the end was just so uncomfortable that I just wanted her out.  Her due date was Nov 28th.  I never had any of the other girls early so I was pretty sure she would not come until after Doug got here because he flew out on Tues, Nov. 23rd.  I also had my doctor appointment on that day and she said I was 1cm dilated and she separated my membranes (I only recommend this if you would like to be tortured)  Still, I thought " Hopefully this keeps me from going too late or getting induced"   Well, here we come to Thanksgiving.  I made a pie the day before and was getting ready to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner and my husband coming home that night (which was also a wonderful, glorious answer to prayer)  Charlotte decided she had other plans. I woke up at 4:30 a.m  to mild contractions and decided to clean my room.  The laundry was everywhere and I was not going back to bed since I was alert.  I did, though, after that and was awoken at around 6 to some painful contractions.  I called the next door neighbor and I drove to the hospital.  They analyzed and monitored and said I was at 2cm.  (I thought that was wrong because these contractions were painful and I was having to breathe through them.)  They said go home for a couple hours, walk it off and come back.  (This is also normal for me.  I labor and give birth quickly.  The last two I was sent home and was back 6-7 hours later)  So, I go home and go to bed.  I was awoken at 8:30ish to contractions that were painful but about 10 min apart.  Then they got worse and at 9ish they were not stopping and my girls were scared and mortified.  I had never ever had pain like this.  I felt like I had been induced.  My mother- n- law on the phone convinced Abby I needed to go and go now.  So I did.  Yes, I drove myself but the hospital is literally 2 min down the road.  I got there and had a nice pregnant couple get me a wheelchair to get in because there was no way I could walk any further other than the front area.  I did not know who this couple was but they were awesome and thanks is given.  I get into the the monitoring area again and she said you are at 6 or 7 cm.  (try peeing in cup during contractions... yeah, that was joyous)  They had me walk directly across the hall to the birthing room to which I laid down breathed and screamed out a couple times and told them there is a lot of pressure, she checked me and said you are ready to go.  I said  "Get this baby out of me now!"  They got the doctor.  He comes in and I said "I need to push."   He said "Don't you dare." ( His reasoning is he was not even prepped or ready, He was washing his hands when he said it.  He comes over and says "Next contraction push."  So I did.  One push, thank you very much, and she was out  9:39 A.M.   No time for an episotomy, so, I tore.   But I did not care because I no longer was wanting to strangle all around me and was not in pain anymore.   I also did not get an epidural which is by choice but also there was no time to even get one even if I wanted too.  However, I honestly would have if I was going to have the pain I was having for a few hours.  Charlotte Anne was born on Thanksgiving day, three days early, and my husband finds out on the phone when he called me.  Yes, it sucked he missed the birth but I think I would have missed it, too, if I blinked hard enough.  I mean seriously, fastest delivery ever.  If we have another one, I will probably insist they not send me home and warn them that I will give birth at home if they don't keep me.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Guernsey Litereary and potato peel pie society

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie SocietyIt is truly sad that I have not blogged in such a long time.  As a matter of fact, it has been so long that for a brief moment in time I forgot my log in information.  This is something I plan to remedy and plan to blog more often.  Especially with the many changes that will be happening in the coming months.  The hubby will be deploying, however for security reasons I will not say when or where and if you must know then email me and if I know you, then I will tell you.  My friend Dana started an  online book club through Facebook and for the first book was the one in the title of this blog. I had never heard of it and was skeptical.  The title alone intrigued me. However, it took me a little bit to like it.  I am not a "read a book that is written as a diary of letters" type.  However, this has turned into my favorite book.  I know I will read it again.  It is historical fiction and a love story at the same time.  It was enjoyable to become part of the lives of characters and feel like  I was actually there.  I laughed and cried.  I related well to the main character, Juliet.  I am so much like her.  It really is highly recommended to read.  I still will be getting back to my list of  "100 best novels"  As for now, because I want to see the movie and my type A personality of sticking to my rule of "read the book, then watch the movie", I will be reading "The Time Travelers Wife"    I will update seperately on life here at Fort Stewart, which I can honestly say is well.