Friday, February 24, 2012

one day at a time

This is pretty much my life at the moment.  No details as to why it just is. My life has been turned upside down.  Jesus has brought me closer to  Him in a way I never thought He would.  I have yelled.  I have cried.  I have asked "why Me?" I have shown my frustrations.  I have blamed myself for this.  I have stated my unfairness to me going through this.  I have yelled about year after year of some new trial and asked when the heck does it end.  I am on a roller coaster of emotions.  There are days when I am confident in who the God I serve is.  There are days I have a faith that is unshakable and believe the outcome is going to be a testimony as to the power of the peace and satisfaction that only Jesus can give.  Then there are moments that Satan gets in and puts those doubts in my mind.  I cry out again to God.  He just comforts me at that moment.  Hugs me and wipes my tears and just listens.  When the time is right He reveals to me what I need to do and my faith becomes unshakable again.  I have always said if it takes trials for me to hold close to God so be it.  I will go through it and I will yell at Satan to get out of my sandbox.  I will tell him - Keep trying go ahead.  I will not be moved.  I will not give up on who God says He is.  I will not stop living for Him no matter what gets thrown my way.  He sure is persistent though.  So I take the trials.  They refine me.   They make me into more of the image of who Jesus is.  They teach me things about myself and give me another way to be better than I was yesterday.  So` then I laugh at the enemy and tell him what you intended for evil, God has used for take that.  Yup, I live for today.  I dwell in today.  I leave yesterday where it is and will deal with tomorrow when it becomes today.   the two videos below are my favorite songs at the moment.

Blessings -Laura Story

Fall Apart- Joshua Wilson