Saturday, October 18, 2008

trying something new

so after my husband's counseling session the other night (on a side note I start Monday afternoon with my own counseling) he suggested that we read together. The book is Journey Into Fullness by James Mahoney...(no links for synopsis -sorry...the book is as old as me...seriously) I thought this meant we read the same book and then talk about it....boy, was I wrong. The idea is he reads a chapter to me and then I read a chapter to him. Being the type A personality that I am this was not met with the most positive reaction. As a matter of fact, I believe my exact words were 'Are you kidding me? HE is not actually serious. (I was also thinking....."what next? matching t shirts whenever we go out and dancing around with our tambourines singing kum ba ya.) I don't need to be read to" Which of course, my husband lovingly said "well, what we have done before has not worked. Let's just give it a try." which I then said (not to joyfully) Fine, but let's just see how it works...and if we don't like it...we will just tell him this is not our thing. so needless to say,once again I am proven wrong...I actually enjoy it. It makes me feel closer to him to be sharing in that way. the book is kind of hard to get through, the subject matter is good, it is just kind of slow. SO I am now adding it to the list of books I am reading.

I also will be starting another blog on my bible studies...this not only will help me be accountable to myself but I have so much I am studying that excites me that I want to share it. I will have a link from this one once I get it going....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i have now seen it all

the stupidest thing I have ever heard of : so you have a frivolous lawsuit to prove a point of frivolous lawsuits. thank you, thank you, thank you, for putting my tax dollars to hard work. this was such a needed and valid point (in case you were wondering, that is my extreme sarcasm) Unbelieveable...and of all the people to sue you are going to sue must be careful...GOd made this world and brought you in...He can also take you out.

on a side note my husband and I have decided to sue the easter bunny, tooth fairy, and Santa Clause and Disney for extreme emotional distress in for making us believe in fantasies that just are not true. I am also including every parent,which now includes myself, in keeping this up for hundreds of years, in this multi million dollar class action lawsuit...I expect it to win on behalf of all humanity and will gladly enjoy the nickel I will get from the winnings.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

back from the storm

It has been a long long timesince Ihave truly blogged. I have not even had the will to read and that is just plain wrong. I will share without getting into every nitty gritty detail. (I swear, I could charge admission to my crazy world) I have been going through some very tough personal struggles this past year This year has been one complete challenge from the start. A seperation in January...getting back together...getting pregnant while thinking I am so happy to not have to ever have to deal with babies again...getting excited about having another baby, to only have that dream ripped right from you with a miscarriage....getting on anti depressants (what I like to call happy pills... to almost completely ending my marriage...and to now reconciling. My husband is becoming the man I have longed him to be. A leader and my best friend. He makes me feel safe and protected. I have the confidence in him that we will get through whatever comes our way together. However, I claiming it now. I BELIEVE THAT THE REST OF THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE GREAT. I do not even know how I would have gotten through this year without my relationship with Jesus and my wonderful sisters in Christ who encouraged me to keep going when I was ready to give up completely. This has been a big time of testing and strength building. I believe that God has used these tough times I have had to help me to know him in ways I never would have otherwise. It is like the song says:
And I know
There’ll be days
When this life brings me pain
But if that’s what it takes to praise You
Jesus Bring the Rain
Some of you may think "that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. why would you want to be in misery and pain just to be close to GOd?" Let me clarify I DON"T!!!!. However, if what I go through makes me turn to Him and depend on him completely than, so be it. Let me just tell you a little bit about me. I am a first born, typical type A personality. I also can be very, very, very indepedent. This can be good especially if something were to happen to my darling and wonderful husband that I would have no fear of taking care of myself and three children. However, this can be bad, expecially when I start thinking the way I want to do things is the best way...especailly when I think I can do it better than what God has planned (I believe Lucifer had this same problem and look what happened to him...) I also tend to be stubborn and have a lot of pride that tends to make me take a long, long, time to realize that the way I do things may not be right. I will admit...I do not like to be wrong and I like to think that nothing is ever my fault, especalliy in my marriage. God has really shown me that what has gone wrong is not 100% my husband's fault. oh come on? are you serious? no! no! no! I argued with GOd, (which we all know always works...yeah right) this can not be possibly be any fault of mine. I then did something which one should never do unless you are fully prepared for what you are asking. I prayed for my eyes to be open and to be shown where I have messed up and been wrong...Let's just say...not a pretty sight when God shows you who you really are....which led me to complete brokeness, repentance, and forgiveness...just the place I needed to be. I have learned and I am still learning. God is in control, even when things look dismal and impossible. I am learning to put myself in the place to allow my husband to lead (no I am not a doormat, I am just not trying to take control of everything) and to also allow God to lead me and listen to his voice even if I can not see what the outcome is at the moment...especially in the area of finances. My husband and I have made very stupid choices over the years and finally I have just thrown up my hands and said forget it. God will take care of us. Are there consequences to the stupid choices ? YES...such as my car getting taken away and probably claiming bankruptcy...but for the first time I don't care. It is just stuff. I am blessed beyond what I deserved and have not given respect to the One who gave it to us. Besides , none of it is mine...It is all God's, He just allows me to enjoy it. He created this world and all that is in it therefore, it belongs to Him. I do not want to hold on so tightly to what we have here....last time I checked you can't take your car and house to heaven. By the way..I have a "new to me" car that is much more affordable and will be paid off in a year. I am just choosing to live for today and not worry about how things will get paid. As long as we are wise with the money that God blesses us with then all will get taken care of. I am so much more at peace and happy now then I have been in my entire life. I finally realize for the first what it means to live Free and be under the authority of God at the same time....and there no place I would rather be.

Animal Farm

Animal Farm This is always a book I enjoy reading. It is the third time I have read it. The first time I read it was in freshman year of high school. It was a required reading in my freshman year american government class. I did enjoy it, however, I did not get the real true meaning behind it as I do now. Come on, I was 14...all I cared about then was which boy was the cutest, the clothes I wore, the amount of hairspray I put in my hair to make it as big as possible (does aqua net bring back any memories to you folks? ) I believe , in my personal opinion that this book should be read by every voting American when we have a major election coming up. But, of course, that won't happen because I believe a lot of people like to stay in the ignorant bliss they like to be in and just be want to believe what they are told by others instead of researching facts themselves. Hence, why what happens in this book does and has happened around the world. I also believe it could happen here if we get to the point of the majority of people not getting educated on the issues and think it is the government's job to take care of us. I shudder to think...I am so enraged in them buying stocks in the banks.... They have slowly for years gotten their hands in every area possible. IT IS NOT THEIR JOB TO TAKE CARE OF US>>>IT IS TO LEAD US. I like to hear all points from every side and I am very thankful for certain news stations and radio talk shows that will offer a more conservative view that the main stream media will not tell us. I always say "Can I please buy my own island and live on it?" I am so tired of political correctness because God forbid the minority view points get offended. Hey..what about half the crap that goes on that offends me as a bible believing, JESUS follower that I can't talk about. Most of my viewpoints are considered to be offensive, bigoted and wrong. I am intolerant in my beliefs. Can I ask something? How is it that it is o.k. to be tolerant of everything but what this country is built on, the bible and christian beliefs? This makes no sense. It is o.k. to talk about God but mention Jesus in public , and watch out... somebody might get offended. Well here are my thoughts ...too bad...I am offended that I can't talk about my Lord and Savior...the one who sacrificed His life for me, suffered for something he did not deserve so that I would not get what I do deserve, did something that other religion's "god" has ever done (come back to life)so that I can spend eternity ( which is a whole lot longer than the 70 years I may get to spend here) in a place where there is no sadness and tears. I will now be reading something that will not get me so fired up,although I do believe in these times we are in it is good to get a little fired up...that is when I believe changes in this country will happen. I also think that come Nov 4Th....there will be a change and I believe that it will not be what everybody says and thinks it is going to be. I will just sit back and smile quietly knowing that God is in complete control of the entire situation.

Friday, October 10, 2008

hidden talents

It has been such a long time since I have posted and I have many deep thoughts to post about but that will come later. Ihave not even been reading and that is just sad and shameful. (tsk tsk slap hand) Ivow to start reading again this evening and will post on such later. I found this video off my sis n law -Barb's blog . Abby loves to dance, loves to sing, loves to make people laugh, however, does not want the focus to be on her in a group of people she does not know very well. This makes it very difficult to get her to use the talents that God has blessed her with at church. I am hoping in time that will change, but for now she can perform through this video. By the way, tell her it is a video camera and she is pretty much willing to do whatever. It was just to cute not to post.

Abby dancing