Monday, December 12, 2011

disclaimer on my blog

SO here is a disclaimer about my blog before people think I will only allow commetns that agree with my point of view.

1.  Comments are welcome.  Even when you disagree.

2.  Comments are moderated and get approved by me before being publicly seen.

3.  they are moderated because I want to make sure nothing offensive gets on here.

4.  If you want disagree, do so tastefully.  Offensive language and trying to start argument will lead to deletion of comments.

5.  trying to start an argument and engaging in a battle of wits unarmed will lead to deletion.

6.  being offensive and trying to insult my intelligence by disagreeing like a three old while remaining anonymous makes me refer to #4 and #5.

1 comment:

Dana Portwood said...

I tell everyone: My blog, my rules. No one makes them read, comment or come back.

FWIW I totally agreed.