Sunday, May 29, 2011

marriage in this deployment

My heart is just filled to the brim in writing this today.  I hope it gives encouragement.  Marriages in deployment go through changes.  some of them are good.  some of them not so good.  Ours thankfully is good and for us, even stronger.  There are the horror stories you hear which makes some husbands fearful, and rightfully so.  We as wives get a power of attorney.  This is intended for our protection and to be able to handle things when they arise such as financial, car insurance, car loans, military ID etc., moving.  Well on the very bad extreme some wives have been known to clear housing, drain the bank accounts, and move as if they did not exist.  The soldier comes home to no home and no money.   Some spouses cheat on each other whether in secret or in the open.  Some soldiers come home and wonder what happened to all that extra deployment money.  thankfully, I can say, that none of these things happened with us.  For us this deployment has changed both of us.  It has made us both better to each other.  We are better than ever before in communicating.  We are better than ever before in the area of finances and understanding each other.  The saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is true.   Sometimes it takes a separation that you did not choose to do, to realize what you are missing.

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Stacy said...

Thank you, Tori, for the sacrifice that you and your girls make everyday while Doug is away defending our freedom! for our freedom! Too often the wives and children are forgotten! Love you guys! Stacy