Wednesday, June 6, 2012

scrubbed floors, scrubbed souls

Yes, I can correlate a spiritual lesson with scrubbing floors.  I scrubbed my evil floors yesterday.  They are evil.  I am pretty sure Satan himself laid the boards.  I often wonder who was the brilliant mind to put in flooring in family housing that has no finish so every bit of dirt gets in every crevice.  You would think that the thought with family housing would consider kids and pets, in multiples. I usually don't let it get so far behind to the point they got to.  I try to do it at least every two months for upkeep. Mopping every day just doesn't cut it. I justified that they don't look that bad until one day I look down and say "good gravy, this can go on no longer."  We do the same thing with sins in our life.  We think they are not that bad.  We think just that little thing is not so bad.  We let it build and build.  We mop over it so it seems clean. The next thing we know, God has got to do some scrubbing.  The scrubbing refines us.  It is not fun. It is painful.  But when it is done, we are squeaky clean.  We are free and can breathe a big sigh of relief that it has been done.  To maintain it we have to do daily upkeep.  We have got to make sure we are in check and don't let those sins build and build but repent of them right away and not justify doing them.

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Tara O said...

Hint: Magic Eraser mop from Dollar General works magic on those horrid floors that I just *know* some moron male without kids thought it was a great idea to put into our homes.