Friday, June 1, 2012

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I got this idea from my dear friend Dana

I see a lot of things.  I want to see more.  I want to see more of how God sees people.  I want to see my children how God sees them.  I get to see things that tell me God is there even at Walmart which is a place I hate going to.
left half of full rainbow at Walmart

right half of the full rainbow

  I want to see more laughter in my house.  Not hear it, actually see it.  I want to see books read and enjoyed by all in this house.  I want to see less things around the area I live that just break my heart, especially when it is children.  I want to see people have a peace that can only come from Him that died on the cross.  I want to see lives changed.  I want to see my own life be different than it was yesterday.  I want to see more moments like these.

Charlotte eating ice cream for  girl time
girl time with Janessa

I see God's awesome power and strength with pictures like these that I have to stop writing to take.

  I see God's healing power take place in my own body when yesterday I was suffering from the most extreme muscle spasm and mild fever that sent me to the ER due to difficulty breathing.  Muscle spasms for me happen every few months and hang for days but due to the people that have such faith that I get to see on a weekly basis I was healed from their prayers and woke as if nothing had happened.  Those are the things I love to see.

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Elizabeth said...

Good thoughts! I love that you want to see changes for good - especially with children. I have two babies and three teens I call mine (they have been around a long time and have refrigerator rights at my house so why not) and I cannot stand when people mistreat kids.

Praying for healing for you!

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