Sunday, June 17, 2012

living in Grace

Somebody said something yesterday that made me think. I am not quoting exactly but here is the gist, I have a problem with so called Christians that want to tell others how they should live but their lives are a complete mess. I could not agree more. I want to live a life that is filled with grace and I extend that grace to others. Too many times I have been guilty of saying things and telling others how they should live by my standards when my life does not exactly live the way I am saying they should be. there are also too many times I see "Facebook arguments" from Christians that turn into attacking the person, not the issue, who does not agree with their point of view. I want to see others as Jesus sees them. I want to not put God in my own box and tell others this is how YOU should live based on what others have taught me because it is based on a twisted view of a bible verse to justify how they think things should be done. I want others to see I live for Jesus not just hear the words. I want the opportunities that come up where I share my testimony and the truth to be God ordained not "Tory ordained" I want the words I speak in these situations to come from God not from me. Because if they come from me, they are going to come off as judgy. I am going to come off as argumentative. I am not going to show grace and people will be turned off. However, there are standards that God has that I know are true and need to be lived by. There are issues in today's society that are just not politically correct that go against what the Word says is true. I stand by those. I believe that God's Word is truth. I will not argue my points with somebody who believes otherwise. It will make me look ridiculous. So I will fight on my knees by praying for truth to be revealed. I will take responsibility at the polls when I vote. I will tell others my testimony and where I get my peace in the difficult situations when the opportunity arises. It is what I am called to do. It is not my job to ensure other people do what I think God says they should. God does a pretty good job of conviction Himself being the creator of this entire universe. The only people that I need to make sure live the way they are supposed to are the little people that live in my own house that I am training to become responsible adults. This is something God is working in me. I want every person I come in contact with to see "something different.something desirable." I want every person to see that my walk with Jesus is real. I do not want to turn others away because I act one way and say something else. I do not want to judge other people. I do not want the words I type or say to seem like I am. I want to live full of grace and extend that grace to every person around me.

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