Saturday, August 9, 2008

sending out some love

So I just have to say that I have the best sister n law in the entire world. She is more of a real sister to me. She will take my kids anytime and even offers to have them all the spend the night sometimes. As A matter of fact tonight is one of those nights!! Woo HOO! I get a big date night with my husband!!! We are going to a wedding. I don't have to rush to get home or pick them up. She and her husband will rearrange plans just to help us out anytime I ask. She has also been there for me through some rough times and has always had great words of wisdom. There I have said it. Now the whole world knows how wonderful Barb is (as if those who don't read this don't already know that!) I love her I love her! I love her. You are beautiful inside and out!! Don't ever forget it!!! XOXOXOXOXO


Jess said...

Aint it the truth!!!!!??She has all three of mine right now while I work and will have a total of 8 kids in her house at some point today. She is a life saver.

Barb Kennedy said...

I am honored - thanks for the love. I love you and your kids and am so fortunate to be able to call you sister.

Anonymous said...

I love that Barb Kennedy! She is such a special, awesome girl!