Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Things I love

Just a list today of my loves:
My hubby being home and making me laugh until my abs hurt
My girls who do their chores and only complain slightly
My girls in general
New baby smell and baby snuggles
seeing what my ankles really look like after not knowing for 8 months
having the hubby home to give me motivation to cook home made yummy meals
getting down to pre-pregnancy weight within 2 pounds five days after birth....don't hate.
December-cold noses to get snuggly under warm blankets, Christmas decorations, Christmas classic movies, and going to my happy place and pretend to be oblivious as to what America has done to our Christmas holiday
coffee with seasonal flavored creamers
seasonal body washes
seasonal candles and tarts and melts for my warmers
Family getting together in Florida where I don't have to worry if I will not be able to drive due to getting "snowed in"
crocheting whatever I feel like on a day to day basis
good books...especially seasonal classics
the smell of a library and old books

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