Saturday, December 3, 2011

December happiness....

Oh I love this time of year!!!  It is my favorite.  If I had a choice I would have it be all year.  It brings my heart happiness.  I love the smells, the traditions, decorations, and limited time things that come with it.  There are holiday body washes, holiday coffees, holiday teas, and holiday goodies.  There is music that just brings back childhood memories.  There are smells that remind you of innocence before you became an adult and had to deal with the other side of how it all comes together.   I think that is why us adults just love it.  It helps to relive that time of innocence and carefree feeling that we don't get to experience very often.  There is family to enjoy and good food to eat that only gets made at this time of year.  I mean seriously,  why do we only have green bean casserole on Thanksgiving and Christmas?  trust me, if you had it the way I or my husband makes it it would be sold in National restaurant chains on a weekly basis. I get to relive the joys of childhood by watching my children  help decorate the tree, experience family get togethers, and look at lights in the neighborhoods.  We even like the idea of Santa.  Even though we have told are children the truth all along, we still would go see Santa and take pictures.  They like to pretend and write him letters.  They like to bake cookies and pretend we are going to leave them out.  It is just plain fun.   We adults lose this.  This is why I think we get all decked out and "obsessed" with Christmas things.  We want it back.  For me I don't want it to end and for years the day after Christmas brings me into a slight state of depression. It means it is over.  soon the decorations come down and we go back to everyday living.  Then I jump right back into enjoying it Dec 27th.  I look forward to the new year and new opportunities.  I get to look forward to the day after Thanksgiving when we start the Christmas decorating and can have radio stations tuned into Christmas music all the time.  I get to be thankful for the celebration of birth of the person who changed my life in 1997.  Jesus. He is the best Christmas present of all.

CHristmas 2010.  this will be a tradition I will do every year

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Tara O said...

Oh my look at how much they have grown!!!!!