Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9 of 30 days of Thanksgiving

today I am thankful I have the opportunity to stay home with my children and home school.  I would not want to do anything else in the world.  I love my "job".  I get to be the one to raise them.  I get to be the one to teach them without all the other yuckiness that comes with sending them off to school.  There is no bullying,  There is no keeping up with the latest fashions.  There is no pressure of fitting in.  There are no mean girls.  There are no standardized testing pressure where if they take it they fail.  There is no 3 hours of homework.  There is a pass only with a 100% policy, so we have the freedom to stay on a subject until it is understood completely and not have to move on because the school board says there are standards that need to be met in a certain time frame or can't move on pass that for the same reasons.  We also are not hermits and stay home and never go out.  My kids do get some of the real world with friends and have dealt with issues of kids being kids and girls being girls. There have been lessons on forgiveness and asking for it.  there have been lessons on how Jesus would want them to be when they are not treated the way they should.  I get to be in control of who they hang out with though, mostly.  If a child influences mine to behave opposite of what we teach then they are denied interacting with them  as much as possible.  Sometimes group setting prevent this.  But sometimes it is necessary being throughout life we all have to interact with people that are not a good influence.  That way they are not shocked into reality when they go out there on their own.  I am OK to be the mean one. I am OK if they get mad at me when I tell them no.  It means I am doing my job as their parent.  They have friends.  I am not in this season to be theirs.  Friendship with them will come when they are adults.  I am thankful for the values that were instilled in me growing up and parents who parented me and told me no.     It helped to mold me and be able to parent my own children more effectively.

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