Monday, January 2, 2012

I don't believe in resolutions

First lets look at the definition.  NO wonder that the statistics show that  40% are given up by the end of January and 75% are given up by February 15th.    That definition depressed me   |I prefer to look at it like setting goals.  Everybody should have goals.  the goals should be met with the right motivation.  One of my goals is to lose weight.  The right motivation is because it will make me healthier and feel better about myself.  When I feel better about myself  I have a better attitude and this makes my household a happier place for the people that live here.  God wants me to be healthy.  He wants all of us to be happy.  This way it makes it achievable.  If I do it so I can look like a supermodel and be able to shop for skinny jeans and clothes that at my age one should never wear then I will fail.   I have many goals I will accomplish this year. 

1  Read my bible daily.  I will read through the bible in one year.  I will be following a reading plan.  this will bring me closer to God which is my number one desire.

2.  Forgive like God forgives.  I still have a tendency to hold on to wrongs done to me and want to ponder on them  and stay mad/  I do not want to be like this.  I once heard the definition of forgiveness does not mean you forget.  what it means is you let it go and you never talk about it again.  Once you can do that you know you have truly forgiven.

3.  Read at least one book a month.  For me this is realistic.  I would love to read more than that but with the many goals I have it is not possible.  One book I will do will  be The Respect Dare .  It will make me a better wife.  I only recommend this book if your marriage is in a good season and you are looking to make it better. I think we can always try to be a better spouse no matter how good your marriage is. It is not a book for marriages that are abusive, emotionally or physically.   so  I don't recommend it if you are in that situation.  I don't agree with her on all her insights on her blog but the book has good principles.

4.  Run 3 miles in less than 30 min.  Over the next two weeks I will be running every other day.  this week will be for 24 min.  Next week will be 30 min.  After that I will be following a training plan to build my speed.

5.  Concentrate on how and what goes into my mouth.  There will be 30 day challenges in this area again.  the how is actually eating. there are days I skip breakfast and don't drink enough water.  there are days I don't eat enough fruits and veggies.  I want to remedy this.

6.  Finish school by July 1.  This is not optional.  I have a scholarship and if it is not done I will have to pay back the 4000.00 that I received to get my degree.

7.  write lists daily of what needs to get done and follow a time schedule.  I do better with this.  If I don't I lose time and wonder why I cant get things done.  Type A personality will be very evident with this and will make the husband and the three younger children bang their heads into walls.

8.  wake up early and go to bed early.  I like to stay up late.  It is because it is the only time I get to just be "me".  However, it is not working.  I am tired and need more sleep.  I will have to schedule time to be "me" in the week.  I want to wake up at 6:00, so I can be "me" before anybody else in the house is up.  It may even be 5:30 because I want to run in the morning.   I need to be in bed by 10:00 to ensure I get plenty of sleep to be the person I want to be in the beginning of this post.

9.  Finish teaching myself to knit and knit me something.  I am undecided yet as to what but I want to say this is something accomplished.

10.  Crochet the girls the hats they have been begging me for and crochet Charlotte's Christmas stocking.  the girls may all get new Christmas stockings.  I think if they get one designed the way they want they will cherish it all the more. 

11.  develop closer relationships with women who are Christ followers.  This means I need to step out and actually do something about it.  I am actually an introvert.  Yes, hard to believe because once you know me I seem to extroverted, but I prefer to be by myself in my four walls.  I hate meeting new people.  I hate trying to start conversations.  If I do a get together with a new person I usually have to have somebody else I know really well over.  This means I need to stop being a hermit.  

12.  Become more Christ like.  This will mean changing things about me that I don't really want to.  I want to be kinder.  I want my husband to feel respected and not like I am his mom.  I hate the way I speak to him some days.  I want my kids to not have a mom that yells because my type a personality has unrealistic expectations of how my children should be.  There are more effective ways to discipline than how I have been doing it.  

Pretty good goals that will make me more Christ like than I was last year which is my goal every year.  I want to be better every year until God calls me home. 

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