Wednesday, April 25, 2012

day three

It has been easy these past few days to not be consumed with the Internet.  Why? Because I am actually doing the things I should be doing and catching up on some deep cleaning that should have been done months ago.    I have my weekly chores I do.  At least I try to do them weekly.  clean the bathrooms, dust, laundry,  etc etc etc.  However, there are things that I have neglected.  My walls and doors are prime examples.  Most are now very clean.  stained but they are clean.  I need more magic erasers.  The bathrooms have been detailed including washing the shower curtains and liners.  I forget that the liners can be washed in the washer and look brand new.  I then look at them and yell at myself  for not doing it sooner.  I cleaned the laundry room.  I cleaned the back porch so it does not look it belongs in a trailer park.    I dusted things that have not been dusted in months.  It is also amazing what you find when you do these things.  It is also amazing at some of the things discovered that you are not quite sure how long it has been sitting there and what is may be.  I have kids.  They drop things.  things that might have been considered food at some point.  Tomorrow I plan to clean under my bed.  There is a shirt that has been under there for a couple years now that I will finally get out.  I am not exaggerating.   It has been in a not so easy to reach spot unless I grab a broom or vacuum it.  There is not much I need to purge or do other then nitty gritty detailed cleaning because we did the yearly purge a few months back.  I am picking a room or two a day to detail.  

Tomorrow: I venture to the toy box and school shelves.  I will also clean the kitchen.  this involves cleaning out the cabinets and cleaning the stove so the smoke alarm stops going off every single time I bake. 

Friday:  not much will be done.  The President comes to visit.  we will hear him speak.  The cleaning that day will be of my mind because I will need to filter what is truth and what is not.  

Saturday:  My car looks like a trash can.  Four children that go to different places and think the phrase get your stuff out means only one item and have selective sight and cant see the trash, books and shoes they always leave behind.  there is proof that McDonald's french fries do not look different after months and months then they did the day they were bought.

Sunday:  I will rest.  I will crochet items.  I will read.

All the while I will be doing my own school work and starting a bible study.  Try not to kill my cats.  try not to curse the place I live every time  I swat a fly.  I am curious as to how many I kill on a daily basis so I am counting tomorrow.  no Internet I have time to do so

Next week starts the bi monthly scrubbing of these horrendous floors.  Floors that have no finish so dirt sticks in to every groove and the only way to truly clean them is a good ole fashion scrubbing.  

After that, who knows.  I may have time to plant flower gardens.  grow grass in my backyard.  I want to have a pretty flower garden this summer.  I want to take the time for these and enjoy them instead of having the Internet suck the life out of me.  

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