Saturday, April 28, 2012

latest stupid lawsuit

Nutella lawsuit.  Who knew it was unhealthy.  I mean the commercial tells me it is healthy for breakfast along with frosted flakes, honey smacks, and carnation instant breakfast.  Koolaid also is healthy because it has vitamin c.  Goldfish crackers are made with whole grain.  I don't know how I have been fooled.  OH wait...I haven't.  I am oozing with sarcasm.  I mean seriously people.  It is called reading a label.  It is called becoming informed and not following the masses and believing whatever you are told by TV or products.  It is called common sense.  But I forget some people do not have it.  I think it is atrocious that this lady got to sue and win a lawsuit over this.  So ridiculous.  It is things like this that make frivolous lawsuits keep happening.  I do think the company should stop saying it is a healthy alternative.  I don't even need to read the label to know a chocolate spread is not a good breakfast option.  I don't like deceptive advertising.  Here is an example:
Goldfish crackers-made with whole grain right.  I can feel good about feeding it to my children until you read the ingredients

ingredients-yes it has whole grain but once there is enriched flour you have totally defeated the whole grain purpose.  it then becomes pointless.

Kool aid is another one.  It is just flavored sugar water.  along with the dyes and BAM you are talking a recipe for bad attitudes and hyperactivity.  I don't care that is has vitamin C.  that still does not make it healthy.  Here is a great idea.  give the kids an orange.  Instant vitamin C and God made it so I am pretty sure it a good healthy option.  My kids don't get koolaid.  They, I promise, are happy healthy well adjusted children.  Yes there are studies on food dyes and attitudes.  I know from personal experience the difference I see when my children have consumed the dyes.  We stay away from it as much as possible and this summer will be making our own popsicles.

This one is by far my most favorite misleading advertisement:

Capri sun roarin waters-  I almost bought these once thinking it is flavored water.  Well it is along with corn syrup as the second ingredient and  splenda aka "cancer in a packet" It is koolaid with no color in a pouch.  I however read the label rolled my eyes, and put it back on the shelf with some force.

I also will say I do let my kids indulge here and there .  sometimes it is easier to grab a caprisun for lunch to go or at a picnic.  I am not a complete food nazi.  I just don't do it daily with them and believe the "hype" of what a company tells me.  If more people read labels and don't buy the stuff and tell the companies "we don't like the things you are telling us and will not buy unless you change it;"  They will continue.

I for one love Nutella.  This is why  I rarely buy it because I love it.  Here is what I use Nutella for
Nutella peanut butter icecream-oh yeah.  it is so yummy.  it is so NOT healthy.  but I do not make it for health.  I make it because ice cream makes everything better.  It is true.

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