Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have a couple discoveries today.  One, is keeping most of the flies away from me.  It is starting to get hot.  I actually saw the reading and it was 90 degrees.  This is not in my comfort zone.  My baby at 17 months is constantly wanting to be outside or as she says "ow sigh ow sigh".  To be able to sit in hot weather I need a fan to fool me into thinking it is not so hot.  I have discovered the flies do not like a constant blast of wind.  they try to assault  me but as soon as they get in the stream of wind they are blown away.  It is like I have an invisible force field and they bounce right off.  I will now market this idea and sell personal fans but call them fly blasters, become independently wealthy, buy my own tropical island and sail away.

The other discovery was the sandpiper frolicking back and forth and thought that if there were waves coming to shore I would almost be home.  It made me think of the beach and how I took that luxury for granted,  A LOT.  People here think 45 minutes to the beach it is close.  I suppose being from the middle of the country that would be but when one grows up and  can literally get to the beach in a matter of minutes, it just does not makes sense in my head.  Yes, I have first world problems.

Another discovery is that there are people around the world that read my blog.  I saw my stats.  there are people in Russia who peer into my writings and it is humbling to think that what i write is that interesting and at the same time feel privileged to be able to do so. I thank you for reading my posts.  I hope to encourage and to make you laugh.

My baby, Charlotte, who I mentioned is 17 months.  She has discovered babbling in a language all her own.  I can understand what she is saying because she points and looks at what she is talking about but all the same it is amusing to watch.  It is also amusing to watch her "read"  My other children did not do this. I am guessing it is because most of the conversations she hears are normal conversations and she is not surrounded by babies and toddlers but older siblings.   I can always tell when she is holding a book.

I got to run 14 miles this week.  I am hoping to run 14 miles every week for the next three weeks and then move on to a new 5k training schedule.  I want to run races and do them in decent time.

I have also dealt with strep throat from Abby and had the shortest wait in a military ER I think ever.  In and out in an hour and a half. This alone proves I am God's favorite.  We have thrown out all toothbrushes.  We are not doing much or going much of anywhere until Tuesday to make sure it is contained. We are praying it has only contaminated the one person in this house.

This week brings floor scrubbing as the major cleaning project.  this will take me about three to four days being I have to break into sections and do it when baby is napping.  There is also my class to finish and a new one to start.  There are projects to crochet which I will post pictures of.  There are bible studies to be done.  This week will bring good things

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Oma said...

I am so proud of you, Tory! Continue to make these wonderful discoveries that are meant to be found and enjoyed. You are shaping many lives and with all that running, I wish would somehow roll uphill and shape me!!! Keep it up!