Friday, April 27, 2012

this crazy house

    There is a whole lot of estrogen in this house.  Me, four daughters, a female snake (who I have no feelings for good or bad), and two female cats,  we acquired a new one recently and she tonight has gone into heat.  she will be living in the garage at night until she is done.  It is not messy but oh so annoying because when cats go into heat, they are loud.  this makes it difficult to sleep and makes me want to throw her through the window but that will lead to other problems I don't want.  she is very sweet though and  Mittens the original is starting to warm up to her.  Although, Scarlet, the new one is trying to establish being the dominant one which is truly annoying at night when they start their antics under my bed.  they both have their claws and sometimes causes me some stress to what might happen on top of my bed with me in it.  (If that does happen I will throw them out the window) However, we will be getting her fixed in May provided she is done with her heat by the time the transport is to the discount facility.  thankfully cats are not messy and there is no mess to clean.  so here she is.  she is lucky she is so pretty.


I also have cleaned like a mad woman and cleaned things I did not intend to this week.  I have discovered that when you use the self clean feature on the oven, everything wipes away easily if you do it right away.  I have discovered that under the stove is where the cats hide the toy mice.  I have remembered  when you clean  the windows on both sides it actually brightens up the house.  I also decided the garage could not continue to look the way it did.  so I swept it and the kids put the things away they left out.  Most of what is out there is my husband's and to go through it and decide where it goes scares me.  (Well not really but my type A personality can't handle not knowing where something goes so it decides to leave it alone.)

My car looks almost new on the inside.  Yes it is true, french fries from McDonald's do look like the day you get them even after weeks of sitting.  I can not tell you if they taste the same and will not try to find that out.  and for some reason we can call it food.  oh why, oh why, do they have to taste so good?

I will look forward to the day I am done with these Medical Coding classes.  They are so confusing.  I do not even know why it has to be so difficult or why there has to be a manual that is so thick it could be used as a weapon if needed to knock somebody out to code procedures and whatever else for insurance.  and you can't code this code with that code and blah, blah, blah.  I am not even doing this as a job and it stresses me out to do it wrong.  It is ridiculous.  They also change some of the codes and rules every year.  I know why it pays so well to do it as a job.  One probably needs therapy and needs to be able to pay for it trying to figure it all out.

This picture is just sometimes what i feel like doing.  On my baby, it is cute.  On me, it just makes me look mental.

Charlotte being goofy

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