Tuesday, April 24, 2012

new things

ack!! I get on blogger and they changed it on me.  I will get used to it but oy not what I wanted to deal with at the moment.  I digress.   So I have started a fast.  not a food fast.  I am doing an unnecessary Internet fast.    Let me say the Internet is a  good thing.  It has been wonderful and made lives easier for information and communication.  For me, however, in some areas, it has become a hindrance and a sinful behavior.  (no I am not looking at "dirty things" to clear up that because most people associate sinful Internet behavior with porn)  I would fast completely from the Internet but there are a few things I need the Internet for.  So I will list what I am allowing myself to use and what I am not.

school:  I need the Internet to turn in my assignments.  this can not be avoided.  The class makes me want to poke forks in my eyes however, it is all online so I can't avoid that.

Pinterest-Yes I need Pinterest.  This is where i "pin" my recipes.  For some reason my husband and children insist upon eating so I must resign to cook for them.  I kid.  Pinterest makes me actually enjoy cooking.  there are also cool ideas for school for my children, things that I find amusing, and things that inspire me.  This is not a problem or addiction for me so I don't feel convicted on not using it

Homeschool:  I need to get on everyday to print off worksheets for various children for different subjects.

email: I will check my email, once a day.  twice if I am waiting for a response to something important ( such as the president coming to town and possibly getting to hear him speak.  that is not an opportunity you get everyday ya know)  but twice is my limit.  I also need it for coupons, communication with those that I don't talk to on the phone, and my crochet business.  People place orders with me through that at Kennedy Createables ( yes that is a plug but whatever helps)

news and weather:  GA weather has a bit of a bipolar disorder.  It can't at the moment decided if it will be hot, warm, mild, or freezing.  I need to make sure I dress appropriately for running and my baby for going outside.  I scan headlines and read what is going on in the world.

Blogs:  I will read blogs I am subscribed to.  They encourage me.  I need to be encouraged.  :)

what is not allowed:

Facebook:  this has become quite the issue with me.  I am constantly on it.,  constantly seeing what is going on with people.  constantly looking at pages to see stupid arguments.  constantly looking to see peoples responses to comments I have made, being a stalker on peoples pages to see what is happening with them when I really should not be so nosy.  So I got very convicted and decided enough was enough and will not be on it for 30 days.  there is one exception.  I will post pictures to website mentioned above for items available for sale.  there is no perusing.  post a picture and done.  There is a disclaimer for people to order to email me directly right on there.

mindless searching:  this means entertainment stories, YouTube, games, etc etc etc.  If there is no purpose I will not do it

So that is the rules  for the next 29 days.  This started yesterday.  Tomorrow I will blog on what I will be doing to fill the space that I used for "mindless Internet".  Also if you are reading this from Facebook and wondering how you are able to read it if I am not on it.  There is a nifty little share button and I don't even need to "get on" to post. It is a neat thing.  same thing with Pinterest  :)

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