Sunday, July 6, 2008

Brave New World

Please click to get a synopsis :Brave New World I believe that this is a book teachers require for reading in some high school classrooms. I, however did not get the chance to. I was required to read other novels and plan to read them again since most are on the list mentioned in the first blog. I will try to remember all of them, but that was a while ago. I really did enjoy this book. It was a slow start but it soon got rolling and I could barely put it down. I really only have one thing to say after reading this... When it comes to the government, I am all for the "less is more" concept. I don't actually think that this story will actually happen, but then again I never thought that gas would be $4.00 a gallon. (let's not go there..I would have to create another blog on that alone.) We already do have the capabilities of creating people without actually having to do it the way God intended and all of you know what I mean. I also am under the belief the government wants to have as much control over us as they can....I mean, come on, look at the tax laws. Who actually knows them all? There are too many to mention. I can honestly say those will be some books I will never read (unless I feel the need to die from boredom) Plus, from what I understand there is not one single human being who can even understand all of it...yet I digress. Another point of control, are the regulations on, well, how can I say this....everything!!! We have laws on everything. Heck, there are probably laws that I am breaking posting this blog. That was sarcasm by the way. I do believe that every government in the entire world would love nothing better than to be able to control the minds, actions, and thoughts of every person out there all in the name of the "better good". You can probably tell by now that I am a conservative and registered republican. (although I am not very happy with some of the people in that party either) I am in now way shape or form a liberal. I also do not want the government to be in so much control of my life that I can not even think for myself and be able to function, work, and raise my family as I see is best. I believe that the forefathers would turn over in their graves, come out and slap everybody in charge if they knew where this country has gone. Yet, I am still thankful to be able to write my own opinions without having to worry about somebody coming in and taking away my computer because I may cause people to think. I am 100% proud to call myself an American and I am so grateful that I live here where I have the freedom to be able to open my bible and read it and proclaim proudly that I am a born again Christian and believe the bible is 100% true. You may not agree with me and that is o.k. that is the beauty of this country, you are allowed to disagree and not be shunned for it.

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