Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lord of The Flies

Please click link for a synopsis :Lord of The Flies I absolutely loved this book. This was a very easy read and finished it in about three days. I do not have any complaints. It is a book I always have wanted to read but have never had the opportunity. This is also a book that is usually required reading in high school but once again was never required in the classes I was in. You must be thinking to yourselves "Did you read anything?" I can answer yes, I did and you must be kept in suspense until I get to those books on the list. There are a couple that are not on the list but will be reading such as"the Scarlett Letter", "Jane Eyre" and lots of Shakespeare: There is one thing that completely amazed me with this book is the fact that a bunch of kids actually survived for as long as they did by themselves. (There are many of the male species I know who have to call their wives to find out where the can opener is so this book proves that they actually could survive without us...until they all die off because let's face it we are needed to create new life) It also shows that there needs to be order to things and some sort of government to keep things from getting out of control and turning into savage beasts. (I am not completely anti government just anti-communist/socialist) This really does show that once it comes to survival with no rules...the stronger shall survive. We also need laws to show us and guide us to what is right and what is wrong. We may live in a day where there are "no absolutes" (which really is an oxymoron because those that actually believe in "no absolutes" are "absolutely" sure they are right) but in reality laws are what keep things running smoothly, for the most part. I believe that most people are "good" (this is on a human standpoint...spiritually is a whole other blog altogether and I am always happy to share my beliefs) and want to do the right thing, and I believe it is because of rules and laws. It is also the fact that 99.9% of people are born with a conscience (not necessarily common sense) and do know what is right and what is wrong. However, in this book it shows that adults are needed to guide those that are younger so complete chaos does not take over.
This will be the last blog for a few days. I need to get through the next book I am currently reading and then you will hear more from me.

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