Monday, July 14, 2008



It takes away family members before their time so grandchildren can never know their grandpa or grandma. It takes away the right for a daughter to have her dad walk her down the aisle, to miss out on a father daughter dance at her own wedding or to miss the birth of grandchildren or another daughter to not have the joy and privelge of growing up with her Dad to help her through those difficult teenage years.


It causes unbearable pain sometimes for months, even years. It takes life away before you are expecting it to. It can take away your right to say goodbye in a proper way and can leave some regretting words they have said when they get the call in the middle of the night


There are those that get cured and find complete healing through toxic drugs and radiation being put into their bodies so that those they come in contact with can be blessed more than they realize. Survivors show us that all is not hopeless.


God takes us to places to make us stronger and ultimately in the end, for those that know Jesus, Cancer has no victory. Healing comes whether it is here physically or "home" with Him. Heaven has no place for pain, suffering, or sadness. Those that have gone home to be with the Lord feel no more pain, have their voice back, and would never want to come back here for one second. They know that those of left behind that know Him will get to spend eternity together....and eternity compared to the short time here is the biggest blessing of all.

This is dedicated to all who have had to deal with cancer in one way or another. Especially my two friends who just passed away, Debbie and Pam, Sat July 12th. Also, my grandfather, who I never knew and my grandma who passed on in 1992. Also, to my survivor friends Dana and Debbie.

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