Friday, September 4, 2009

book review- DR Jekyll and Mr Hyde

I have always wanted to read this.  short, fun, and of so full of hidden meanings.  I believe all of us have two people living inside us.  There is that one that people see, know, and love.  The one that shows your character of who you are.  The one that your best friend knows so much about.  The one that people see when you are out and about doing your daily thing.  But then, there is the one that nobody knows.  The one that is hidden in your deep thoughts.  Things that nobody, not even the people closest to you, not even your best friend knows.  The one that thinks those things that you would never want anybody to know you think.  The one that does the things that you do when you are all alone, good, bad, or indifferent.  However, there is always a spiritual lesson in all of this.  YOU CANT HIDE FROM GOD!!!  God sees and knows all of the things that we do and think.  Even the things about yourself that you think nobody knows about.  God knows, he is there watching.  He gave most of us a conscience so we would not turn into "Mr. Hyde" and act on those impulses. 
     I can also relate this to the spiritual battle that goes on between the flesh and the spirit.  There are times when I actually cant stand the war that goes on inside me between the flesh and the Holy Spirit.  the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak...yeha only weak to doing what God wants it to.  Thank goodness though the Spirit, as long as you feed it on God's word will be strong enough to have that peace and joy that can only come through Jesus Christ..

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