Tuesday, September 29, 2009

unfailing love

I love my bible study.  I love Beth Moore.  I love that God has used her in mighty ways through her bible studies to show me areas where I need to grow and change.  This week we are studying about God's unfailing love.  God's unfailing love goes out to everybody that are willing to except it.  even the ones that I think don't deserve it.  Because I sure did not deserve it when I accepted it. He also disciplines those he loves and sometimes will allow us to get into depression and hard circumstances so the only thing we can do is seek Him.  He also disciplines each one of us differently.  This of course brings me to thinking about my own children.  All three are different.  completely different.   So different that I have had to pray for wisdom on how to discipline.  What works withone does not work with the other.  For example, Janessa is my computer queen.  Loves anything that has to do with electronics.  She loves the Wii, the computer, her DS.  Heck, she would play all three at the same time if she could.  For her, taking away electronics is pure torture and usually takes care of whatever the issue is.  This will not work with Abby.  Abby could care less if I take electronics away.  With her, it is her webkins and baby doll.  The final straw would be the panda bear that never leaves her side.  This usually makes her straighten up real quick when I start taking those away one at a time.  If I did this with Janessa she would be like big deal.  Hannah we are still figuring out but usually a harsher tone and spankings does the trick.  Spankings with Janessa and Abby are just not effective as much anymore.   This has been a definite learning process and wish I would have figured it out sooner.  It would have saved me a lot of aggravation along the way.  If I can encourage anybody, just know that God disciplines those he loves and if we love our children we will do the same.  we just need to learn what way works and seek GOd for the answers since he knows all of them anyway

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