Thursday, May 26, 2011

we have almost made it

We have almost made it.  We have a couple more weeks.  I have done my 1st deployment.  IF we stay in the army, it will not be my last.  It is the life of an army wife.  The past 11 months I have done the job of two parents.  I commend single mom's.  There were days I thought I can not do this.  the difference is I still have the privilege of staying home and a steady paycheck.  Single Moms or Dads, for that matter, don't have that luxury.  They have to go to work and child support is something that is not always there.  There is also not the emotional support either.  Even though my husband is half way across the world I still have him to encourage me and  support me.  So if you are wondering how I have been able to make it and not be found drooling in the corner talking to myself, that is how.  I have the support of a wonderful husband.  He encourages me when I am stressed.  He encourages me when I deal with slander and gossip.  He is romantic and knows my love language and has learned to speak it. (good thing it is words of affirmation and not gifts or we would be bankrupt)  I am thankful for skype, Facebook, and IM.  I am thankful when he does get to call a few times a week to hear his voice even if it is not always clear.  I am thankful we are NOT doing this 30 years ago where I probably would not have the opportunities I do today.  I am thankful for technology.  He helps me to strive to be better and to be strong.  He even when coming home for his R&R did not sit and do nothing which I totally expected and would have been fine with.  He let me nap.  He did housework.  He took the kids out.  He is everything I could have ever asked for in a husband, father, and friend.  I love him.  I truly love him.  This love is not that feeling you have when first dating or even first married.  It is something that can not be expressed into words.  It is something that has developed over time.  It is something I am thankful for and am glad that even when things seemed hopeless, at one point, it has gotten us through and can look back and say "so glad we did not give up and call it quits."  The love we have is "the real deal".

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