Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the balancing act

This week we started our normal routine of homeschooling and me keeping myself from being committed into the mental hospital. I keep myself on a very routine, mostly non negotiable schedule to keep me on track and sane. Here it is I get up at 7:00 (I set the alarm for 6:45 because I enjoy the snooze) I start the coffee, and the laundry. Totally off the subject, but why oh why, can I never keep it from having to do a load every day? seriously..I believe I have laundry fairies that add clothes unnecessarily to the laundry baskets. So after my breakfast and daily devotion (Yes be proud people I have been in the word for two days straight.) I start the yoga, (well after I feed my kids) I also must say the Denise Austin is way too happy for that early in the morning and she made my arms hurt today after yesterday so she is not my favorite right now. Then again, that is why she looks the way she does and gets paid big bucks to have all the exercise videos she has. The great thing is, is that once I have the routine down I can turn her annoying peppy voice off and do it all to just the music. The good thing is I am already down 2 lbs and resisted the evil delicious cake that was at our leader meeting last night and today, as Jess says, "the best banana bread she has ever made." But I digress, We then home school starting around 8:30 - 12:00, eat lunch,and I then have my office hours from 12-4. It is then time to start dinner, eat dinner, play with kids, get them ready for bed, clean up after cleaning all day and either go to a show or make some calls to get shows, then kiss hubby goodnight, and sit down and have me time reading or watching TV. This is why this schedule is only MON -THU. I take Fridays off and do nothing but read and keep my house from looking like tornado alley. If I did not take Fridays off I would get burnt out since I work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (I am on call while I am sleeping in case a child gets sick or has a bad dream) I rarely get days off and lets face it people a family "vacation" while enjoyable is still "work" for me. Yet, I love it and would never change a thing that I do for any amount of money in the world.

I also, have the incredible job of raising a "strong willed" child. Thank goodness I only have one. Oh my Abby, how I love her sweet loving self and the way she makes me laugh even when I am trying to discipline her sometimes. But let me tell you, she has a very "determined, don't tell me I can't, do what I want when I want spirit" This can be a battle especially when it comes to homeschooling. We are both adjusting and I am having to be very firm with the rules of what gets done when and that me"helping" her in her work does not mean "do it for her" Let me just basically say the child has no toys or dolls to sleep with for 5 months. Yes, literally for 5 months. Neither one of us was backing down. She felt it was o.k. to argue, roll her eyes, stomp her feet, smack the table, and basically doing what she could for me to give in to her not wanting to do her word search, of which she kept saying "I can't find the words" This went on for 20 minutes until she realized "She is serious, so I guess I better just do it" and about 5-10 minutes later she did it all by herself. I know that God is going to use her for his kingdom best suited for her. She already witnesses to others about God and church. These battles that we have are only temporary and worth it to see her become the woman God wants her to be.

As for the book I am reading, I am so determined to finish it this week. It has been a long,slow read. I will post more on that later.

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