Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From The Simple Woman click to see what this is all about. I will hopefully be doing this every Monday ;)
From the learning rooms......copies daily lessons from our curriculum, which is eclectic. There is no set standard...whatever I get from donation, whatever I have bought cheap, whatever I find for free on the internet. multiplication for Janessa, word problems for Abby, ordinal #s for Hannah, lots of handwriting practice, spelling, learning to read for Hannah, improving reading for Abby and Janessa, and attempting to stay on schedule.

I am thankful for....Doug taking two girls fishing.

from the kitchen...hotdog for the sick one...avocadoes and tomato wraps for me...probably spaghetti for the rest when they come home

I am wearing.... black tank top and jean shorts...you are lucky I got dressed today

I am reading...Memory Keepers Daughter yay yay love love

I am hoping...that we get no more hurricanes/tropical storms

I am creating...an evil plan to conquer the world..no seriously....balance in my life

I am hearing...sponge bob square pants

around the house....all is clean...a little laundry to be put away and washed..peace and quiet

one of my favorite things...peace and quiet around my house

a few plans the rest of the week....Partylite shows, homeschool, co op, visit with friends, read read, read, and beach, beach, beach

here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....

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