Saturday, October 18, 2008

trying something new

so after my husband's counseling session the other night (on a side note I start Monday afternoon with my own counseling) he suggested that we read together. The book is Journey Into Fullness by James Mahoney...(no links for synopsis -sorry...the book is as old as me...seriously) I thought this meant we read the same book and then talk about it....boy, was I wrong. The idea is he reads a chapter to me and then I read a chapter to him. Being the type A personality that I am this was not met with the most positive reaction. As a matter of fact, I believe my exact words were 'Are you kidding me? HE is not actually serious. (I was also thinking....."what next? matching t shirts whenever we go out and dancing around with our tambourines singing kum ba ya.) I don't need to be read to" Which of course, my husband lovingly said "well, what we have done before has not worked. Let's just give it a try." which I then said (not to joyfully) Fine, but let's just see how it works...and if we don't like it...we will just tell him this is not our thing. so needless to say,once again I am proven wrong...I actually enjoy it. It makes me feel closer to him to be sharing in that way. the book is kind of hard to get through, the subject matter is good, it is just kind of slow. SO I am now adding it to the list of books I am reading.

I also will be starting another blog on my bible studies...this not only will help me be accountable to myself but I have so much I am studying that excites me that I want to share it. I will have a link from this one once I get it going....

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