Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Chimes

The Chimes Please click for a synopsis. Oh, the lesson in this book...pre judging those around you. I am pretty guilty about this. I have a tendency to forget that we all put our pants on one leg at a time, we all eat, we all have feelings, and we all are searching for why we are here on this planet. No matter what, we are all people and all have a "sin nature" whether we want to admit or not. We all need a savior that can redeem us. There is only one, Jesus. Oh, thank goodness He pulled me out of where I was at in my searching for my purpose. One does not need to be taught to do wrong....observe your children or remember your children when they were young....Did I teach my child to lie to get out of being in trouble? Did I have to teach my two year old to claim every thing is "MINE Mine MINE " and protect my toys at all cost and not share them through means of biting, screaming,and hitting? (my children were not big biters at two but they sure knew how to claim what they thought was theirs!) Think about it...besides "ma ma" and "da da" a child's other first word is "NO" However, despite this I do believe in certain circumstances people can fall down any path of destruction...none are exempt. We need to esteem each other and let each other know we are here for a purpose...to please God. God puts us in the path of people everyday. You never know how you treating somebody could change their whole path in life. Quite a big responsibility, if you ask me. I would hate for the way that I think about certain people to cause them to go down a path of total destruction because of how I treat them, due to how I think about them. This is exactly what happens in this book through a dream. My five year old asked me today "Does God love kidnappers?" I told her yes, but He does not love what they do. He loves the person, not the sin. This really made me think...God loves everybody. He loves the the prostitutes on the street, He loves the people that use drugs, He loves the people that murder. But he despises the crimes they commit. This is what really gets me to think....We all need somebody to redeem us...whether "we are not so bad" to those that we judge as being "really bad." We are the ones who put the degree on sin....God sees it all the same whether you tell a little lie to murdering somebody...There is no degree to sin. Does this make sense....no. That is why I just remember God tells me to "not lean on my own understanding" and "my ways are higher than your ways" I am just going to believe that He is in control and has a pretty good handle on things...after all...He created this place...He must know what He is doing. I am just going to trust Him, pray for those that need to find Him, and tell others about Him when the opportunity arises, and encourage those believers to keep going on and lean on Him to "fight the good fight"

Look at the names I list below and think about your first thought:

Casey Anthony

Charles Manson

Bill Clinton

The CEO's of the 3 major car companies

Paris Hilton

Yes even typing I had to fight my first thought...However God's first thought

"I love them and I created them. I want them to repent and come to me." One purpose in being here...PRAY for them. It is really hard to think bad thoughts about somebody while praying for them. There is so much power in prayer. In the times it is hard to pray for somebody we don't think deserves it, I just think about what God saved me from and how I did not deserve it. Everyday, I thank Him for blessing me beyond what I deserve....That makes it easier to see everybody through Jesus' eyes and not my own.

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