Monday, December 29, 2008

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol.....This has become associated with Christmas as much as Christmas trees, dinner on Christmas day and mistletoe....There are movies and plays. "Bah Humbug" and "Don't be a Scrooge" can be in the everyday vocabulary. I have discovered I love Charles Dickens. I have never read him before and he is just fantastic. He also has a great sense of humor and can be funny through sarcasm at many times throughout his writings, which is so me.
There is just something about when you read a book, that a movie or play can not just give you. You may actually picture things differently than a movie would actually do so...because you are getting that person's personal take on it...That is the beauty of get to experience it in your own way and nobody has to tell it is wrong.
All of us are like Ebeneezer. We all have experiences that have made us the people we are today that have changed us. I love the fact that what he went through made him a better person. I really compare it to what God will do with us. He will do what he can to get our attention to bring us back to him. Sometimes, He will do whatever it takes to have us become obedient to Him. Some people don't need to have the extreme done to them personally but through it being done to somebody else they will repent and change. God knows what we can if you have been through some tough horrendous times and made it through...God knew that you could handle and knew the glory would go to Him....That is overwhelming just thinking about it.
on a light daughter Hannah likes to say now when somebody is full after eating that they are 'full of it" for example. She asked Daddy if he was done with his dinner. He says "yes" she asks, "Are you full of it?" (which of course makes me giggle and my sarcasm comes out and makes me say "he is full of something" Life is good here....just in the waiting game. I loathe moving....loathe it with every fiber in my being. Luckily for me, I am not a pack rat and will clean out the crap every few months so most of what I have does not need to gone through just packed into a box....This is not the case for my husband and middle daughter. Oh, the joy of going through her room(while she spent the night somewhere else) and cleaning out her drawers. The girl saves everything.....seriously...papers from 1st grade that she was saving for what? I don't know exactly....all I can say is it has been almost a week and she has not even noticed. However, this is not the case with my husband. He may not notice right away but two years from now he will ask where something is that I probably threw out...So I do not pack up his things because nothing makes me more insane than to pack things that I think should be thrown out...It is just better for him to do it and then put the box somewhere. I can handle lots of boxes I just don't like lots of things everywhere. (so if I die first, it will probably take two days to go through my things....if he goes, then it will take me the rest of my existence to go through his ;) )

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