Saturday, December 20, 2008

i am dreaming.....

yes it is a second post....just some random thoughts:

does anybody else have to be reminded that it is only 5 days until Christmas, by looking at their Christmas tree, due to the weather being exceptionally wonderful outside? I normally love having my windows open, but seriously, it is December....I have dreams of a white Christmas and cold weather, hot cocoa, lots of blankets...snuggling with the sexy husband, sitting by our firepit. I am ready to start going to the beach and tanning for my trip to Mexico in May...yeah I said it.. It is December and am actually considering going to the beach.

My house is being put on the market and before I even mentiuoned what I wanted to sell it for the realtor said we should sell it for 133,000....God is so cool. Now I am praying we sell it for that much.

I have prayed for years that God would give me the gift to be able to sing and for some reason He has done so. It has only happened within the past year. I can actually sing harmony parts and melody. Which now is scary because I do not like to sing in front of people (yes,I am weird....get over it) Sonow He tells me to the choir for Christmas Eve service which I am doing. It is so weird, I can get up in front of complete strangers and talk to them, yet when it comes to singing I am absolutely petrified. SO due to being blessed with something I have prayed for , I am now going to use it.

My husband is on hold for the army until he loses some weight. This is not a problem for him. So I decided to get on the wght losing train, because frankly. my husband weighing less than me would just be so wrong. So we have a little challenge going on to see who can lose faster...And if you know me I don't like to lose....I am slightly competitive. I am doing it the healthy way...Weight Watcher's points and excercise. (actually I don't care if I lose the challenge...I just want to be healthy ann not weigh more than my husband) He will probably win because he can lose weight really fast, without much of a problem....He is like the guys on those slimquick commercials. He can drink water instead of soda and lose 10 pounds....It makes me sick. But, it is just the way it is....Yes, I realize it is five days until the massive food fest....However, I can control what goes into my mouth, I just sometimes don't want to. (Yikes, that is a sin I need to repent of) I can have a cheat day...(I can save my 35 extra points for Christmas day woo hoo)

One last thing...our house is kid free tonight...oh yeah!!! FUN FUN!!!

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