Friday, November 25, 2011

So this was 1 year ago today. this baby turns 1 today.  This is what I am thankful for today.  This is a baby that I never thought we would have.  After Hannah I was done.  I wanted no more children.  So for seven years we watched the older three grow.  We enjoyed the freedoms you get when children become self sufficient,  then in 2009 God put it on my heart we would have another.  I brushed it off as craziness.  I argued and said you are not talking to me.  I then started to like the idea and told my husband while he was at AIT (school for his job) He said I was thinking the same thing.  Well that confirmed it.  So we decided to just go with it.  We didn't actively plan but we did not prevent.  It took about six months.  We got pregnant almost two years to the day the same time we did before my miscarriage in 2008.   We found out the end of March there would be another one.  This pregnancy was completely different than the others.  I was convinced it was a boy.  nope.  It was different because I was pregnant in my mid 30's.  Her due date at first was the exact same due date as when we were pregnant in 2008.  That got changed but was not surprised it did.   She came fast and furious three days early.  I always labor light for about 24 hours and then have a good few hours of intense labor.  (Don't hate)  So I thought it would be the same.  It started the same but I didn't believe it because I don't have babies early.  they are late or on their due date.  So I thought Nov 24th were Braxton Hicks.  Surely this baby will come after my husband is already here.  He was coming home for R&R.   Well I got woken up at 4:30 with consistent contractions. I cleaned a little and then at 6:30 got my neighbor's teenage daughter to come in.  I thought like always I will go in, they will tell me I am at three cm, send me home and I will go back in 6-7 hours.  I was mostly right.  everything but the 6-7 hours part.  I cam home about 7.  I went to bed and then woke up about 8:45 with intense contractions.  I was in denial and thought they would stop.  Nope after 5 sets about 5 min apart., had the neighbor come over.  I drove myself -by a miracle of God.  I was too prideful to ask anybody to take me being Thanksgiving.  A nice happy couple in the parking lot that was pregnant and there for a stress test got me a wheelchair.  She got to see what labor is like and rumors also almost started because I was asked if her husband was mine.   My husband mind you still has no clue.  HE was on his way home but had no way to tell him.  I got checked and was at 6 cm.  I walked across the hall and got in the bed and said get the doctor now and I was at 10.  HE came in  and barely got his gloves on and I pushed her out.  She was here at 9:39.  All 6 lbs 11 oz of her.  All natural birth. I do that on purpose.  the husband finds out on the phone.  Even if her were here he would have missed it if he blinked.  So it has been a wonderful year.  I cant imagine my life without her and daily look at her and say " I can't believe god gave us you."

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Tara O said...

She's precious! I love to watch her because she reminds me of one of mine! ;) Someday I'll have to tell you about our miracle baby.

OH...and don't hate....My labors are fast and short! Tyler was 2.5 hours and Garret 1.5 hours. Courtney was longer because the doctor wanted to wait to see if my water would break on its own...and it didn't. He left me laboring with a high leak for about 6 hours erratically and when he finally broke my water I went from 6 cm to holding her in 30 minutes...I wanted to HURT that doctor. LOL!! Seth was about 9 hours because I was sewn shut and Emily was about 4 hours because I was also sewn shut. Long story about being sewn shut, but it saved me from having micro preemies.