Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Cricket on the Hearth

The Cricket on The Hearth Click for a synopsis. Now that I have read three stories from Charles Dickens I have decided he is one of my favorite authors. I will probably read every book ever written by him. This was just a fun read. All three of these books pretty much have the same theme where one of the characters completely changes for the good in the end. There is one thing in the synopsis that I disagree with. It says that the book suggests that Bertha regains her sight at the end. In my opinion, I don't think it was literal. I believe it was more spiritual and mental. It is like all of us before we know Christ. We are blind to our need for him and then when it is revealed to us our eyes are opened. That is pretty much my deep thought for today.

Now for updates on the life changes:

Doug is within his range of weight so he talks to the recruiter on Monday as to the options and such. WE are packing and getting ready to move into the in laws. The house is up for sale. Just trusting and having the faith to believe that we will sell it for what we are asking so we will get a little money back from the sale and not owe the mortgage company anything. This is complete faith that nothing is impossible with God, despite the market and economy. I believe there is somebody out there that will buy this house for $133,000.

Doug has also been sick with what I believe is bronchitis and I have pretty much quarantined my self from him the past week. He is a lot better. He has also quit smoking and is back to his happy self after three days of crankiness. Of course, Hannah might be getting it now...I am praying it is just a cold. I also am allergic to dust and of course moving just makes me miserable due to that. The only thing that cures it is Benadryl and that makes me pretty unfunctionable. It is never dull in "The Kennedy household" We really should charge admission.

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