Thursday, January 12, 2012

introspection of a biblical wife

this is today's focus.  Had to evaluate myself by answering some questions.  Most I could answer and say I was doing right.  some need work.  We can all work to improve ourselves.  There are things God wants us to change in our lives.  He reveals it to us when the time is right.  There are some things that I need to work on now that I was in no way ready to work on years ago.  God will continually reveal things to me until the day He calls me home.  If I did not need things to work on then I would go to the pond down the street and walk on top of it.  Last time I checked only one person was perfect enough to walk on water.  Well technically two, but Peter only lasted until he doubted what God said.  So I work on what God wants me to today and when that is accomplished the next task will be revealed.  As long as I become more like Christ then I am OK with the changes I need to make

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