Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new day, new mercies, new challenges

First off it is cold out.  I just have to say it.  I am in GA and I am freezing my tooshie.  we may not have snow but 30 degrees is cold people.  I am supposed to run in this nonsense.  I will when it warms up to 4o something while the baby naps and kids do the schoolwork they don't need help with.  I will be making the hand -warmers this week.

Back on track with eating the way I feel God wants me too.  I am back to no dairy (as much as possible until grocery shopping.  this may be unavoidable in some instances with dinner.  I just did not buy the ingredients I normally would cook with to make it happen so dinner will be dairy free.  But my omelet has no cheese and my coffee has coconut milk so we are starting off good.  (My omelet has my homemade salsa in it so it makes me happy)

I want to bog daily and want to have meaning behind it.  I don't want to get to the point where I am being redundant and letting you know my daily routine.  unless you want to know when I go to the bathroom, i can email you.  So I plan to blog about my book I am reading.  It was given to me and where Doug and I are at in our marriage, I can easily do it.  the Respect Dare  I don't believe this book is for everybody.  I don't agree that it is for every wife in every situation of marriage.  But I don;t have to fully agree with an author of a book to read it or be challenged by it.  I had a realization when we went down to Fl about myself.  "Old Tory" likes to reappear.  I left her there when we moved here.   'Old Tory"  like to belittle and talk to her husband like he is a child.  she likes to criticize him in front of everybody.   Old Tory likes to take on personality traits that are not hers because others around her do this  (if you are reading this you are most likely not the one that I am talking about)  This in turn brings back old Doug and old habits die hard and it becomes an ugly vicious cycle that neither one of want to be like.  So I do the respect Dare.  It is for 40 days.  It goes along with the Love Dare.  I may do that one day but loving my husband is easy.  Respecting him at times can be difficult because I like to think my ways are always the right ways.  well they are not and if they were I should have just married myself.  Please don't think that this means I become a doormat and become a geisha girl or get treated like the wife of a neanderthal.  Those are lies straight from the devil and we as wives have come to believe them. (Generally speaking)   A lot of wives today think respecting everybody but their husband is OK.    I want my husband to feel like he is respected by his wife.  To not feel like his wife is his parent or makes him feel like he is not capable of making decisions or that he less than a man. To no joke sarcastically or make fun of him in front of others.   I see this a lot.  It destroys their spirit.  ( they may not show that it bothers them or say anything but eventually it will come out)  I don't want to do that.  My husband and I can joke around with each other but we know, for the most part, what to joke about.   so Day 1 was to write expectations about myself and my husband that would indicate our marriage is progressing.  Not sharing at this time and may never.  Some things with this book are private and wont be aired for the world to see.  But those that know us will see the evidence.  we have a good marriage but I believe every marriage can be made better. I believe that is where the phrase "marriage takes work." comes in.  It is constantly working on daily being better than where you were the day before.

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