Thursday, January 26, 2012

Different world than when I grew up

So there have been some recent events going on around where I live that just infuriate me.  No details will be given.  If you know me personally msg me and  I will share.  This has nothing to do directly with my kids but it does affect them.  When I was a kid I could ride or walk all over town.  I remember riding my bike from my house to the library along a highway by myself when I was about 10.  There were sidewalks so it was not that dangerous.  I could just ride my bike over to friends houses.  I could play outside by myself without having to worry about harm.    I could go be a kid and play in the woods or go to the store and put quarters in the little gumball machines to get treats.  As long as I left a note, all was good.  This was before cell phones even.  Not today.  MY kids don't get those luxuries because there are evil people in this world that have become more prevalent.Even at 12 my eldest can not ride her bike just where ever or play where ever by herself.  I do give my children some freedoms.  They can play at the park but I can literally see it from my house.  They have to stay within the range of me calling for them.  They are allowed to ride around a little further distance with a friend.  My middle child used to be allowed to play in the woods with a friend, until today.  Because of an incident yesterday that happened in my area of living.  There are conflicting reports where so this is why I am vague.  The fact that I have to have a conversation with my kids about this makes me mad because they will have to be worried about things I never even worried about growing up.  A part of their innocence gone with a conversation about being careful when playing.  This I believe is part of the reason more and more kids stay inside and play video games.  More and more kids are in daycare because of things like this.  I don't even think kids today know the definition of 'latchkey kid".  There are some place you live where there is a minimum age restriction to be left home.  This can be good and bad.  I remember having a key to the house and coming home to let myself in when I was in elementary school.  That won't happen until my eldest is at least 13.  It truly makes me sad that these are the days we live in.

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