Tuesday, May 1, 2012

toddlers to teens

So as most know I hate the three year old stage.  I would gladly take that then the preteen hormonal nonsense I dealing with at the moment.  I have two children who are currently testing the boundaries and battling the wills.  I, however, am fully armed.  I am currently in a battle of respect and obedience.  This is a battle I will win.  The process is not fun but I can already see a difference in attitudes.  Many times I have allowed my children to earn back privileges and this has mostly failed. That failure is not setting them up for real life and  could lead to a dangerous road of teenage crazy madness.  I am sticking to the consequences.  My husband is supportive.  They know I am serious.  This also applies to my spiritual life.  God has extended me grace many many times.  HE forgives and at times has removed consequences.  Then there are times he hasn't. The consequences cause me to repent and become more like Him.  My children's consequences will mold them into responsible adults who don't feel a sense of entitlement like so many children do today.  It is my job to ensure they become that way.  This means I am not their friend at the moment.  This means there are days I am exhausted and frustrated, but I press on.  This means that this is only for a season and we will come out of it, better than we were.  I also get the and pleasure of doing it again two more times but better equipped of what works and what doesn't.  I already do things much differently  with the baby than I did before.  Some things she does I don't get upset about because I realize it is the age.  I am more consistent with doing what I say I will. A prime example is she likes to sit on the couch to watch Elmo or as she says " melmo".  She tests the boundaries by standing.  I tell her no, she must sit.  She continues to get up with the mischievous look.  She is told to sit, or she will not be allowed on the couch.  She sits and then mischievously looks at me and stands. She is promptly taken off the couch.  With the others I would constantly warn and  not follow through which is why we are dealing with what I am dealing with today. Granted, it is not nanny 911 worthy.  Watching that show always makes me feel better about my parenting skills. It is a learning experience for all of us.  We are all passing the test, which is what matters.

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