Thursday, June 14, 2012

Light Bulb Moments

I love light bulb moments.  The moments that give you realizations you never thought of.  I am currently reading Numbers in the Bible.  This book is just plain tedious, detailed, and let's face it, not exciting.  There are many rules and  regulations.  there are many references to whose clan came from who.  While reading today, I was thinking "this will never end.  I am not that interested in who came from who and why you have to sacrifice this and that, very specifically."  Then I realized I holding a book that was written thousands of years ago.  I am reading a book that has stood the test of time.  I am reading a book that was actually spoken By God himself.  Well then, I have new perspective.

 I  realized God is pretty serious about his Holiness.  So much so, that sacrifice needs to be made to be pure and holy before a God that loves us and wants fellowship with us.  How cool that God talked to Moses like I talk to my friends everyday.  He is also repeats a few times about Aaron's sons using unauthorized fire which means that must be pretty important on being obedient to what God says exactly.

I realize that God is pretty serious and means what he says.  So much so that because Moses did not follow an instruction exactly and sinned, he was denied access to the Promise Land.  I also realized that he accepted this consequence without argument and without tantrum or question.  HE continues to do what God asks of him and communicates with him directly, like a friend.  No complaints.  no shouts of "that is not fair"  unlike most of us, that want to tell God what is fair and what is not because we put Him in our own box of how we think he should be and not who He actually is.

I realize I am thankful, that I am on this side of the cross.  that Jesus made the final and only atoning sacrifice we needs so I don't have to do wave offerings, sin offerings,  grain offerings, etc. etc. etc. to be purified and made whole again to be in the presence of a very holy God.

I am truly in awe of who God is.   For that I leave you with this:

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