Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It is officially the first day of summer break in this house.  Well sort of...two of the children need to play catch up.  They have summer school of sorts.  They did not finish their math and language arts, so they will be doing it daily until they either get it finished or the start of the school year next year.  this is a consequence of procrastination and not following directions.  I have a 100% policy in this house.  That is the only acceptable grade so if you do it wrong, you get to do it again until it is right.  This is so I ensure that they completely understand what they are doing.  This is the first year we are taking a summer break.  We have always gone year round.  This year I wanted to take the summer off.  I want to take a few field trips, go to the beach, be lazy, and basically remove the teacher hat for a couple months. I want to read lots and lots of books.  I plan to get a summer reading list challenge for myself together that I will develop this week. We will enjoy this time until September 3rd. I will be finished with ALL my schoolwork by mid July.  I will then get a two week break until I am a full time student myself starting in August.  This will give me time to develop a good routine.  I am also super duper excited that the children will all be doing every subject independently except spelling.  I love guiding them to be self learners.  It will prepare them greatly for college.   I look forward to just enjoying my family.  I want to relish every moment.

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