Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a comparison

I try not to do this.  I try not to compare myself or my life to anybody else.   I don't live other peoples lives so I don't really know how they are as parents, spouses, etc. etc.  If I make sure my grass is green I don't have to worry about anybody else.  However, with that being said.  I read this week about Jacob.  That man had issues.  If this were in today's society he and his family would probably be on Jerry Springer.  I have read the story a thousand times.  However, this week it truly spoke to me.  It made me realize to be grateful always for the wonderful family I do have.  It also showed me that despite the messed up choices we make God can do some pretty amazing things.  even choices that seem like they can never bring anything good.  However, if we allow God to, He will do some amazing things in our lives, despite the choices we make.   The thing is we think we are so small, so insignificant.  That we can't be used because , like Jacob, we have major issues.  Issues that  society would look at and say there is no way God can use that person.  But God used Jacob.  Mightily and through Jacob we have Joseph, who has taught me that you can forgive pretty much anything. Through Joseph, we eventually have Moses, who has taught me that you should not tell God you can't do something if he truly wants you to.

I adore God's word.  It refreshes me.  I could read it a thousand times but every time it will give me something fresh and new to apply to my life.

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