Thursday, May 3, 2012

new mercies

Today is over.  Well almost over.  Grey's Anatomy is on and then I close my eyes and  will wake up to a new day.  I will leave it and all fears, hang ups, thoughts, and the day in the past and start fresh. I love that every day starts new.  I love that I have a new fresh perspective.  This internet fast has caused me to deal with things I have needed to deal with and  do differently.  Some starts tomorrow.  Most will start on Monday.

Tomorrow starts with new eating habits.  What I am doing is not working. I feel sluggish.  I need to eat more smaller meals and be very consistent in counting calories.  I want to stick with a more natural approach as much as I can.  This will help with my attitude and energy level.  This will also make me like my scale again.  as much as I run I should be seeing a difference there.  I have a sugar addiction and tend to overindulge in that area.  I just need to be committed and stick to it

Monday starts a new school routine and getting into some of next years curriculum.  science and social studies. I need  the structure that the Abeka curriculum provides for all our sanity.  The social studies we have been doing is just not at their level and some of it is a little difficult to navigate for them at times.  Science has been through Netflix.  while this is good tool and they learn it is just not how I want them to learn science.  We will also be on more of time schedule.  this way everything gets done and we don't skip subjects because we ran out of time

I will also be getting myself up early to run and start my day. This means I will have to force myself to go to bed earlier.  This is hard for me because that time at night is my me time, just me.  no responsibilities and nothing to think about it.  I will just have to take me time in the morning instead.  This means getting up 5:30 early.  I am hoping in time I will like it.  Let me clarify the baby is NOT left by herself while I run.

New mercies and New plans.  oh the things that make my heart happy

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